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Personal Awards and Rifle badge question

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  • Personal Awards and Rifle badge question

    Hi. I'm a former Marine with just under 10 years of service. I'm considering joining the Guard because I want to restart the time I have left for to use my GI bill and also to actually put to use the time I would be in and go to school.

    I have a question about my awards. I know that any personal awards or medals I earned in the Marines can transfer over to the Guard for me to wear whenever I decide to make that move. I'm wondering about rifle and pistol qualification badges I earned when I was in the Corps. I can remember the breakdown for each badge (Marksman, Sharpshooter, and Expert), but I'm unfamiliar with the rifle marksmanship qualification scale in the Army Guard.

    I wouldn't mind doing the Warrior's Training Course just to shoot off some rounds because I haven't touched a rifle since '99. In the chance that I don't go to WTC because I already did my 13 weeks of hell back in 1991, would they look at my previous scores and decide on what to give me to wear, or would it be necessary for me to shoot? A stupid question. Can I just wear my Marine badges?

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    Your weapons qualifications badges are only good for 12 months, and then must be re-earned. Thus, any marksmanship badges from the USMC don't carry over. If you did well shooting for the USMC, I think you'll do well for the Army. You'll qualify on the range with your unit at least once per year. Ensure that your chain of command knows that you want to shoot more, because often there are extra rounds left over on the range, and you may have an opportunity to shoot more if you ask.


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      U have to qualifiy in the unit u join when they qualify.; and u can't carry over your MC badges. Nice try though

      Semper Fi Brother


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        You won't be able to wear your Marines marksmaship badges, you'll be required to shoot again and will be awarded a badge respective to how well you shoot. From that point on, you'll be required to qualify with your individual weapon as a minimum once a year.


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          I too came out of the marines and joined the army I had to re shoot again, then I got out of the army guard, for about 10 years and when I came back in again I had to reshoot again, but the only thing I was able to keep on my rifle badge was a tab that said "Submachine Gun" since the army no longer uses the old grease gun .45 cal that the tanks use to carry. so now I'm back in and have to wait to see what I quailfy on the range to be able to put the Submachine Gun tab bar on the badge. This is the only thing I was able keep and not have to requalify in again. as they called it "Grandfathered in". Too funny.


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            Wanting to shoot some rounds downrange!

            Thanks, everybody. I got pizza boxes for both rifle and pistol, so I want a chance to change that.:D