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    I am wondering on the process of having my son transfer from the CA Army National Guard to the Guam Army National Guard. Is it alot of red tape? My husband is in the military and we are transferring overseas to Japan, my son still has the dependent rights, so how difficult will it be to have my son come to Japan with us and then go to Guam fulfill his commitments with the National Guard?

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    It's a minor nuisance, not a big problem. We transfer people all the time. The biggest problems usually come because the Soldier himself does not follow instructions. This is [I]his[/I] life, so he's got to take lead on this, and not expect someone else to make it all work out.

    His first conversation should be with his chain of command at his current unit. He should turn in all equipment, clear hand receipts, complete any admin matters, and ensure he has no "loose ends" that will delay matters. He will complete a form DA4187, Personnel Action, listing (among other facts) his future address. His chain of command will put him in touch with CA's Interstate Transfer Coordinator at state HQ, who will find him a unit in Guam, and put him in touch with the people out there. He'll make direct arrangements of when to show up (ideally [U]before[/U] drill!) to inprocess, draw equipment, meet key people, etc.


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      Would this transfer process be the same for transfer's between states? I am enlisting with the CO guard this friday as a 15P and go to BCT and AIT starting June 1st, eventually next year I want to transfer to CA to finish up my degree in school hopefully at Long Beach because Los Alamitos is right close to there. My Question is How far in advance do you need to file for a transfer? Also do you need to know where you are going to be living when you File for a transfer? Last, How long does the transfer process take, and will I loose any benefits?

      Thank You