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SGLI-servicemember group life insurance

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  • SGLI-servicemember group life insurance

    I had my first RSP drill this month. I havent received my direct deposit yet (1Dec) but was viewing my pay stub online at 'my pay' from the Defense Finance & Accounting Service. I found that the pay is $157 for drill, minus about $25 for taxes, and then $58 for SGLI. $58? That seems pretty high to me. I remember the conversation with my recruiter about this life insurance. He suggested highest coverage, I took it. I've re thought this. I'm 32, no children and no spouse. My benificiarary are my parents. They are set financially. If I was to die serving, I get a military burial, if I was to get injuired badly enough to not be able to work, I get disability. Any opionion as to cancelling all coverage? I dont think I need it. And who do I contact to cancel. I am assigned to an RSP company, but also still deal with my recruiter. Also, I need to get my college transcripts in to my recruiter to get a promotion. There was an issue getting them, but should have a copy of them in two days. How long does it normally take a promotion to be reflected in drill pay? I realize this goes state by state, but is there a general timeframe this takes?

    Thank you,

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    Life insurance: Yes you may elect to not have life insurance coverage. Your RSP coordinator has a form that you can fill out to decline coverage. In the event that you deploy, get married, have kids, or whatever and want coverage, you can always opt to change your coverage. I think it's a good idea to not have coverage if you don't have a spouse or kids.

    Promotion: If you get your transcripts to your RSP coordinator then your promotion should take effect by the next drill weekend. Like you said, it may vary from state to state, but typically that's how it works.


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      Thank you SSG Fletcher.


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        The max SGLI amount ($400k coverage) is $29/month. The only way SGLI would be $58 is if they're billing you for a previous month of coverage. Sometimes based on the way the drill schedule falls, SGLI is due when you don't have a drill period upcoming, so that month falls on the next month's pay statement (LES).

        Life insurance isn't for you, it's for the people who depend on you. If you were to drop dead today, is there anyone in your life who wouldn't be able to live comfortably? A non-working spouse? A disabled family member? Young children? If the answer is no, then I recommend getting the minimum amount ($50k) and increase it if your life changes. You are welcome to decline coverage, but the problem with that is if you ever want to start it again it might be a hassle. If you have some coverage, you can increase it at any time with one piece of paper. Even if your parents don't "need" the money, it would be nice for them to dispose of your affairs without incurring any debt.

        Remember, SGLI pays if you die for any reason, not just while on military duty, so you're covered if you die at work, or in a car wreck, or anything else.



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          Thank you MAJ Ritchie. I double checked and the statement (although not deposited, but does show up on a stub at 'mypay') does show $58. I enlisted on 13OCT, paperwork was misplaced at MEPS and missed the 21/22OCT drill but attended the 11/12NOV drill. I will ask recruiter when we talk next, but i'm thinking they retro'ed it from OCT and that is why. All intent and purposes I was supposed to be at OCT drill but a mistake on MEPS end had RSP Company contact me (well I ended up contacting them) too late. Doubtful if I had died I would have been covered, but technically I imagine they can prove I would have been. I wont worry about the $29 and just rack it up to experience. I'll show them and just do an extra push-up on the test next time! hehee! Thanks for the advice on taking the minimal insurance. I havent made up my mind if i'll drop it or lower it but will certainly keep it in mind.


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            Well, just recieved my leave and earning statement and recieved the same shock as you did. the usual taxes were deducted and SGLI deduction was the standard $29 ($400,00 coverage) but I also had $58 deducted like you did but mine is listed as debt payment.
            Does anyone have any idea what this is for? This was my first drill, I have not recieved any uniforms yet so what could I possibly owe them for?


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              Its not that bad in addition to any civilian side life insurance you may have. When you have a family, in this day and age and depending where you live...they'll need all they can get.


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                SGLI payments begin the effective day of the enlistment.

                If your form (SGLV 8286) contains errors, the coverage amount defaults to the maximum $400K as MAJ Ritchie explained.

                The possibility of the form being wrong is very likely. This will incur a debt that you may not have "asked" for on your original form.

                **One very common way that the form can be wrong is the fact that so many young Soldiers submit "UNUSUAL BENEFICIARIES" and/or "CONTINGENTS".

                An Unusual Beneficiary is one that is not a blood relative or spouse. (for further definition, see the SGLI website link in MAJ Ritchie's earlier post)

                A Girlfriend, Boyfriend, Cousin, Step-Dad (that has not adopted you), Uncle, Aunt, significant other, Fiance'...etc... are ALL unusual beneficiaries.

                YOU CAN LIST THESE PEOPLE - HOWEVER, these individuals require a special statement be placed on the form and it needs to be witnessed by a SFC (E7) or higher, that validates that you do understand that it is an unusual beneficiary and that you were counseled in accordance with the requirement of the VA.

                See if there is a validity issue with your form.

                As far as promotion ,if it based on College transcripts.. they have to be original for your state to process a promotion IAW AR 600-8-19.

                If you cannot obtain an official transcript due to the fact you owe the school money....then you cannot get the promotion until the requirement to obtain an "official copy' has been met.

                Some new Soldiers and a lot of recruiters, think that any copy will trigger the promotion. Not true.

                The Enlistment Criteria Memorandum (recruiter's handbook for eligibility) is not the PROMOTION AUTHORITY. Army Regulation 600-8-19 is.

                The ECM recognizes college transcripts as the SOURCE document to verify the LEVEL and STATUS of Education [U]Eligibility[/U] as it is related to enlisting.

                There is a lot of confusions between the idea of [I]Enlistment eligibility [/I]and [I]Promotion eligibility[/I].

                This forum is not the most conducive environment to communicate this.

                Your state has a "G1" section at the State HQ that is the local authority concerning interpretation of these regulations. It can be complicated and most every case is unique unto itself.

                The thing you need to try and do is to NOT rely on your OWN interpretation of the regulation and do not attempt to align the words in the books with your needs... It is kind of like needing a lawyer to interpret and advise you of the law and how it applies to YOUR situation. The G1 is staffed to interpret and advise you of the regulation and how it applies to YOUR situation..

                There are profesionals in your state that deal with this as a full time job.

                I am a senior member of the Illinois G-1 Staff. I do this every day.

                Seek out the best way to have it explained.

                In the meantime.. go get your transcripts - official copy, or have it sent to the RSP office.

                Waiting too long will cause more problem and a sustained reduced pay.

                Do not wait for your recruiter to get them for you. he should have had them in the FIRST PLACE.

                It is possible that he already got what [B]he[/B] wanted....promotion or not.

                This is not really my opinion... it is reality.