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Going to meps tuesday

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  • Going to meps tuesday

    I am going to meps tuesday. I haven't been able to find anyone that has been to meps in iowa but just wonder what it is like. Do I realy have to strip down out of everything? and I have a lot of scars all over my body to they have document all of them? That might take some time. I guess the main thing is i am nervous this is a big step for me. If anyone has and suggestions I am open to them.:)

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    You shouldn't have to explain every scrape and scratch (I didn't offer to)

    Just be prepared to wait alot And listen to instructions[I][/I]


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      good luck and you have to listen a lot.


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        Every MEPS will have variety compared to other MEPS, but of course all accomplish the same goal.

        Depending on the schedule your recruiter has set up:

        If spending two days there and taking ASVAB the first, the physical the second day...

        Arrive. Go through metal detector. Have ID and Social Security card handy and separate from your bags if staying overnight. Go to front main desk. Get a picture taken and sign a few papers. Receive your folder that you at no time will leave unattended unless your recruiter or MEPS personal take it from you. They instruct you to put everything you have into a locker. I suggest keeping your identity info (ID/SS card with you in a pocket) Go to testing room. Take a seat, wait to be called by monitor. Monitor will verify you are who you are. Will seat you at a computer and provide pencil and scratch paper. Take test. Very self explainitory, any questions you have a button to push on computer for help or raise your hand. Others are in room in various stages of test, remain silent unless told to speak. After test, monitor will call you up to desk and give you your scores immediatly. He/she will send you back to front desk for further instruction. If there is time remaining in the day you will go to the physical area, otherwise will go to a waiting area after picking up belongings and wait for bus to take you to motel. If going to motel, they wake you up early and head back to MEPS. You arrive in a different door likely, but still go through a metal detector. Saves time for everyone if your pockets are already empty except your identification and a few dollars if you think you will need them. Back to physical area. They have different stations set up. I dont think they need to be done in a particular order, they just direct you to areas and you sit in chairs until it is your turn. Before starting the physical, you go into a classroom like place and fill out paperwork on your medical history. You probably already did it all with your recruiter once. This wont be the last time you are asked the same questions either. Some basic info type paperwork also. They also give you a breathelizer test. The medical testing stages are: Blood taking (HIV test-few mintues of your time), urine sample (bathroom with other females, stall doors open, no need to worry, no one wants to watch you as much as you dont want to watch them. One monitor does make sure you are not 'cheating' on this test. They seal the sample in your presence), eye exam (the basic letter chart from a machine you push your forehead up against, color blindness test, night vision test-less then ten minutes), hearing exam (in a sealed off room with a few others, headset, push a button when you hear the sound, takes less then ten minutes-checking for drug use), meet the doctor clothed (asks you the same medical questions you have already been asked mutliple times, looks in your mouth, ears, listens to heart/chest, asks you when you last had your period, possibley a few other things ive forgotten, nothing big, takes about twelve minutes) then you go into a room with other women and undress to your bra and underwear, someone comes in and explains everything that will take place and also takes your height/weight/tape test if needed/blood pressure, goes over the tests the doctor will give when he/she comes in, not a big deal being in undies, no one wants to look at you as you dont want to look at them, doc comes in and administers a few checks on everyone, some done as a group, some done individually...looking to make sure all your joints work properly, major muslces, have some balance, feet and hands are ok and a few excersises ((nothing strenous, just basic things like a jumping jack or two, walking at a fast pace across room, general things like that, nothing that would tire even someone in bad shape out)), then you get in another line for the naked check. Get into a gown like at the regular doctors office and stand in line to wait your turn. If its a male doctor, female monitor in there with you, very fast breast exam, i'm talking like a one minute one, they look at your back, arms, legs, ears again, take a very quick peek, i'm talking a second at your middle area and then your done. Entire process, likely under ten minutes. You get dressed, doc then talks to you about all the tests you have taken for the day and any issues found. Most results from each station, other then the blood/urine work, are recorded in the folder you carry with you all day long. You should already have an idea if you have passed everything or not. Some things if you dont, just are a matter of making another visit to MEPS, in some cases they may be pernament disqualifiers, but likely not if your recruiter when over everything with you thoroughly before going. He/she will instruct you in more detail on everything.) They then send you to the medical front desk where they have you take a seat while they enter everything that was written into your folder into a computer. They call ya back up and let you know the outcome. You are then sent to the National Guard office and they start more paperwork with you. Your MOS, Unit, basic/ait dates, bonus....stuff like that. You sign your name about twenty times and initials just as many times. They then send you to a councelor. Eventually you swear in and sign your contract. You dont see your recruiter until you are done with the physical. After swearing in you grab your belongings that you took with you from the motel that morning and leave.



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          wow, doesn't get more detailed than that! Good job!