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National Guard sniper school?

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  • National Guard sniper school?

    How do I go about becoming a sniper? What are the requirements as far as rank?

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    The following is the list of pre requisites for attending the National Guard Sniper School at Camp Robinson Arkansas. I copied it straight from thier website. I have been to the school and it is tough. Make sure your are totally prepared before you get there. Good Luck.

    The following is a list of prerequisites for personnel attending the Sniper Course TATS.

    Volunteer: Must be a volunteer with Commander’s recommendation. (non-waiverable.
    Rank: E-3 and above.
    APFT: minimum of 70% in each event. (non-waiverable)
    CMF: 11B, 19D and 18 Series MOS’s.
    GT Score: 100 or higher. (non-waiverable)
    Weapons Qualification: Expert with M4 or M16/A2 rifle within 12 months.
    Retainability: 1 year minimum. (non -waiverable)
    Vision: 20/20 correctable to 20/20. Color Blind/PIP test annotated on current SF88. (non-waiverable)
    Discipline: No history of drug or alcohol abuse. No records of disciplinary actions.
    Dependable: Must be capable of working alone under adverse conditions for extended periods of time.


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      IF I don't qualify expert in basic training, will I get another shot?
      What dose 1 year retainability mean?


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        Yes, you will get another shot *ba-dum-bum*

        Seriously, you will get another shot. Your Guard unit should qualify once a year.

        Retainability means how long you're going to be in. In other words, you must have a least a year left on your contract.


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          [QUOTE=SFC Harlan]Vision: 20/20 correctable to 20/20.[/QUOTE]

          So if you need glasses you can't go to sniper school!?


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            if your vision is worse then 20/20 yes that means its a no go.

            And your unit qualifies twice a year.


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              [QUOTE=sgtblack82]if your vision is worse then 20/20 yes that means its a no go.

              And your unit qualifies twice a year.[/QUOTE]

              If you get surgery through the military that corrects it to 20/20 are you then able to?

              edit: do you know if its the same for special forces units, jump school, ranger school, or green berets ect.?


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                It says "20/20 correctable to 20/20". Doesnt that mean that if a pair of glasses corrects your vision to 20/20 you are still eligible?


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                  I read somewhere else that the prerequisite is "vision 20/200 correctable to 20/20."

                  Idk how bad 20/200 is or what my eyes are though.