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becoming a green beret.

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  • becoming a green beret.

    so I'm going to meps tomorrow morning so by the time this gets back to me I'll be a solider. I'm entering as a 21b, but somewhere down the road I'd like to be an 18c. I'm lucky to have sf in my state. what would I have to do to go sf later in my enlistment? do I have to reach e-5 before I can even apply? if I know mandarin chinese would that help me get in? would I still have to learn another langauge?

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    In my state, we get "invitations" every year, and sometimes twice to try out for our State's SF unit. They send out mass mailings to every guardsman in the state.:D


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      When I went to SFAS in 1996 (class1-96) you had to be and E-5 to apply. I think they changed it to E-4 now. I did not get an invation, I contacted a SF recruiter and applied. Maybe this link will help:
      I will say TRAIN!!!! I can't stress that enough. You will not be pushed by the cadret at all. Remember, this is voluteer, you better what to be there and willing to push your self to the max. The only push you get is from your own self motivation. The cadret are just there to evaluate you as an individual and team member. It is easy to drop out, they do not care. I seen lots of guys get aggrivated and say "the hell with it" and drop out. If you what it bad enough you can get it!