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  • Tape Test

    I know most of the people are not in the Army or National Guards or different branches im not ethier so I ask what is a Tape Test how do they do it?

    Also if im avg on weight and over the Tape or what ever can I still join ?

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    It would depend on your bmi. Tape is were you get measured


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      Nope for guys it just the gut and neck that is meassured
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        Here's the deal on the tape test:

        Each soldier has to meet the weight requirements for their height. If they are overweight for their height, they must take the "tape test". This has nothing to do with age, BMI or anything else.

        For males, three measurments of the neck and stomach are taken and the average measurement is used to determine body fat percentage. If they are under the maximum allowed body fat for their age, they are allowed to pass, if not, they are considered overweight and not eligible for enlistment without a waiver.

        For females, the same process is used, but the measurements are around the neck, waist, and hips.

        For soldiers that are already in, they must meet height and weight requirements each time a PT test is given. If they are over, they do the tape test. If they fail the tape test, they are typically "flagged" from promotion (they can't get promoted) and "barred" from reenlistment (they can't reenlist).
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          Tape Test

          Is this the same tape test they were using in 1991? Also, can you give an approximate forumula. I know the neck measurement used to be huge, because we had a guy in our unit who could blow up his neck to probably 20 inches! This guy stayed off of the weight control list because of his neck. He was probably 5'11" and fat, probably arond 240, but he wasn't on weight control.


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            Download Body Fat Calculator

            The best place I've found to download a body fat calculator used by all branches is at:


            It is in Microsoft Exel format.

            It calculates great, but give you a pass for fail based on Retention Standards.

            Keep in mind that maximum allowable body fat is different for Non-Prior Service applicants than it is for Prior Service Applicant.

            That is: NPS must meet an easier BF standard of "Enlisment" IAW the AR 40-501 while PS Applicants must meet a more strict standard "the retetention standard" or AR 600-9.