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  • Please Help, Looking For Advice!

    Hello all. I have many questions and will try and narrow this down as much as i can. I am a college graduate at 31 years old. I have a 3.6GPA and am a member of two national honor societies. I am highly interested in working in the field of intelligence I.E. CIA, DIA, NSA, or even FBI, DEA, Customs etc. I also know that to get these jobs the military could be an emense help. How should i proceed? Whats the difference between the Guard and the Reserves? Should I go active? What about enlisting vs. some type of officer position because of my degree? I am meeting with a national guard recruiter Tuesday of next week. I am not sure what all to ask. My brother is a Navy SEAL, he said what ever I do don't just enlist. In terms of intelligence experience is the Army where I need to be? Please, any info you can give me would greatly be appreciated, thank you and God bless.

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    I am not a recruiter but I am 35. I would attempt to contact an “officer” recruiter and start talks with that person. You should know a lot before you join any of the services otherwise instead of be young, and fooled your old, and should have known better. Also are you sure, you just cannot contact the respecting security agencies themselves and finally DO NOT SIGN UNTILL YOU KNOW ALL THE FACTS


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      Re: Please Help, Looking For Advice!

      Coming from a Assistant Recruiter point of view.Acredibility is your answer from the start. I ve done some research myself and most employers hireing from Federal and State Agency's want a DD FROM 214 on the spot with at least a ASBA or Bachelors Degree.So any chance you get keep that DD FORM 2 (ACTIVE) on your Military CAC CARD. The ARMY NATIONAL GUARD is the best for covering every base needed on your resume as soon as you graduate... Your brother will tell you what bases that are not allowed to be said until you are actually Top Secret Classified and at your destined Unit.