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  • recruiting issues

    ok ladies and gentleman out there in the forums, let me have some feedbacl on this one:
    Ok, So I spoke with my recruiter SGT. Haynes 3 weeks ago at my school when he was trying to recruit people, but I am only 16 so when he asked me to take the ASVAB at the Manchester Armory in Manchester NH, I was a bit shocked and I looked at my friend and mentor PVT. shaw and asked him later if I was too young and if it was out of the ordinary to be taking it now. He said ya just a little, and left it at that. Then my friends who have already enlisted in the army active duty and the guard told me that it is not even possible to take it at 16 because they wont let me, so then I called my recruiter and he told me that they were wrong and that you can take it a a sophomore in high school, so I beleved him. Well yesterday at 5:30pm it came time to take my ASVAB and my recruiter was no where to be found and had not done any paperwork or atleast they could not find it so we re-did the paperwork and then I was off. The guy proctering the test asked my age and I told him 16 sir, and he said we can not give you the teste because you are not eligible to take the test. My other mentor SGt. Valente had told me that she was going to phone her boss and also phone SGT. Haynes and speak with both of them, and so she did just that. I am worried that becuase my recruiter is an E-7 and she is an E-6 that he will loose his job over this, and I would really feel bad after that if he does, but my dilema is this: I feel like it is my fault. Is it? My other thing is this; If he was to admit that he made a huge mistake would he still loose his job over this?
    let me know what you think
    thanks kindly and HOOAH
    April Driesse

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    This IS NOT your fault! You didn't do anything wrong and should not feel guilty about anything. You asked several times because you've heard you were too young and were told that you could take test. Whatever happen from this is not a consequence of anything you've done, so stop worrying about it. The people that handle this kind of mistakes will deal with it appropriately.


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      Recruiters and good but some are bad

      April let me tell you a story one of my friends witnessed. This is really true.

      He wanted to enlist in the marines. From the time he enlisted till the time he left. He went and got a tattoo. Well appearntly their is a rule that you can't have any tattoo. So he didn't go. The next week he went to the army and they said no because you are committed to the marines. He said "No i ain't". The next day he went into the airforce. And the same thing happened. And he replied no i am not. The next week he was T-ed of . He went to the national guard and they said no. Because he was "Committed to the marines" and he answered again. 3 days later he went to the state rep. He said help me. The rep called the marines and found out that the recruiter left his name on the committed list so that the recruiter got credit,.

      Just a little story to help you see that it isn't your fault


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        April its not your fault I do not know why your recruiter sayed you could do that. Also YES you can take the asvab test at your school but not at meps. You also can not fill out the paper work intill your 17 but while you are 16 you can take the ASVAB test at your school.