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  • rsp???

    am thinking of joining the kyguard was wondering what is rsp and when does it start before elistment after meps or what

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    RSP is the Recruitment Sustainment Program ([url][/url]) which allows you to drill (and be paid) before you leave for BCT. You start your RSP drills after you process at MEPS.


    Chuck Spafford


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      [QUOTE=krunna]am thinking of joining the kyguard was wondering what is rsp and when does it start before elistment after meps or what[/QUOTE]

      RSP is a program that prepares you for basic training and AIT. During the time period that you are waiting to go to basic training, you will attend monthly drills where you will be introduced to basic drill and ceremony (marching and stuff like that), military organization, basic soldier skills, PT, and more. You will be taught by experienced NCOs (sergeants) who have all completed the Army Instructor Course and are qualified in the instruction that they present to you. Some have been deployed to combat, others haven't, but all of them re proficient in their jobs and eager to see you succeed.

      Warriors who go through RSP before basic training are more likely to adapt easier to the conditions and atmosphere in basic than those who did not go through RSP.


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        RSP is an awesome program. I have been a Army Guard Recruiter for about 8 years on the Oregon Coast and this is the first program that I have encountered that really helps you new soldiers get ready for Basic. On occasion my soldiers complain about having to go (3 hr drive to our RSP site) however Every One of them comes back from Basic Training singing praises about RSP. They are so ready, especially compared to their active counterparts. If you do join, and I sincerely hope you do, consider yourself lucky to have this program and use the time between enlisting(MEPS) and shipping to Basic to gather all the information and training you can from your instructors and recruiter.

        Good luck, and thank you for your future service!:)


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          Looking Forward!

          Im going into the RSP program in Jan. and can't wait to do it. I am extremly glad that i can get all the training possible so i can be a better soldier(when i join) so look forward to it.