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  • arng cavalry scout

    i was wondering about this mos, what type of duties they do and is it similar to infantry? , is it better than infantry?

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    all depends on how high speed you want to be, im in an infantry platoon that drills with a scout platoon, and they are very competitive against eachother. infantry rucks more, scouts ride in humvees more (in training) if you want a high speed job like airborne, ranger, or whatever you need to be classed as an 11B (infantry) normally scouts were used as forward observers, and infantry were the frontline warriors, but anymore jeeze, alot of MOS's do the same thing in iraq. our infantry platoon and the battalions scout platoon did the same kind of work in iraq, patrols, and house to house searches.


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      Actually, you can attend Ranger school as a 19D. (Ranger training is available for male soldiers in the following MOS: 11B/C/H/M,12B,13F,14S, 18B/C/D/F,19D,19K.)
      The hard pat is getting your unit to send you, you really have to keep asking your chain or command and show them you are worthy!
      Check out this forum, maybe it will help you decide:
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        NG scouts

        Randy, where do you live? I served in an INF batallion scout platoon in California. We spent a lot of time out at Fort Irwin, before it was the NTC, supporting the home units against visiting units in war games. It really depends where you are and the mission of your unit.
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          Scouts are the eyes and ears of your unit. Usually used as a supporting role for Infantry or Armor. A scout is usually used to "recon" an area or route. I just reclassed (changed MOS) to Cavalry Scout. Whether or not you are mounted depends on your unit. What role you have depends on your unit and mission. Sometimes you will be out on foot, most often you will be in a humvee.

          I wouldn't say that any MOS is better than another. I enjoy being a Tanker and a Scout. I am also going to go to Infantry school to learn more.


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            cav scout?

            Anyone got any info on what that job entails compared to 11B?


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              Re: cav scout?

              This is all [I]generally [/I]speaking. Not impossible for either to be doing the same work as each other. Much of it depends on the training outlined by your unit.

              19D is recon. Mission completion without being engaged is preferable. 11B is the frontline fighter. Being engaged is expected. Spend a lot of time on foot or using humvees. Utilize TOW missile systems. Both often utilize the same small arms weapons. Often sleeps outside. Conducts call for fire missions, for mortars or artillery. Do a lot of land-nav. Conducts urban warefare training. Both often go to schools like airborne/air assault.

              Just off the top of my head. Others will likely contribute more.


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                Re: cav scout?

                SteveLord is mostly correct. As a 11B you WILL absolutely do a lot of humping. As a 19D you will do mounted and dismounted patrols depending on what the mission calls for. You'll most likely have better access to schools as a 11B due to the fact that you'll be in units that will allow you to do so. Being a 19D, you could get assigned to a unit where your only option to get any schools is to go Ranger or SF. Both jobs have their ups and downs, but the main point of a 19D is to see and not be seen. So you'll be bored to death at times guarding checkpoints, or manning a observation/listening post. You may run into a lot of SF units doing the same training/missions as well.