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Questions about prior service timing/options?

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  • Questions about prior service timing/options?

    Hey all, forgive me if these questions have already been answered and if you are going to say search, please provide the link for that, still trying to figure out the navigation of the site anyhow this is my situation/questions..

    I'm prior service was on the active duty side for six years in the army in the intelligence field.I'm 32 and a female..been wanting to join back up for awhile and just weighing my options, I'm about halfway through with a Bachelor's degree in Enviromental Science, and just became aware of the option to be in ROTC while you pursue a graduate degree, you have to have 2 years remaining, because I am older it has been semi difficult finding colleges that has a ROTC program that would allow for older students, but I have found a couple, since I do have quite a bit of college loans, I have considered joining the national guard, in December 2012, and was hoping to complete AIT by the 3rd week of January, and then be with my unit for a year, I would then be in graduate school in January 2014, and then join ROTC..

    Some of the flaws I see if I go in December 2012 if I'm unable to complete AIT by the 3rd week of January to be back at school, then I would have to start paying my loans back at that point, I may possibly lose a substantial amount of SLRP payment for the whole year of 2013

    What I liked about that plan is that it would get me back in military mode before I join ROTC, its been awhile since I've been in, since 2004

    My other plan was to wait until Fall 2013 when I plan to graduate, and possibly delay grad school for one semester or two.. but then I wouldn't have alot of time to get back into military mode

    Opinions all input welcome:-)

    oh I currently reside in Texas and plan on pursuing grad school in either Idaho or Texas, thanks