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  • Re-Enlisting

    I shipped to BCT 20100621 at Fort Sill, OK. My MOS was 27D Paralegal Specialist (Regular Army) and I came in as an E2 with 43.5 semester college credit.

    I didn't pass my 2 mile run by 18 seconds on the FINAL PT test so I was sent to FTU for 3 weeks. Chapter'ed out under the Chapter 11. Receieved an RE code of 3 on my DD214.

    When I came home, I inquired about re-enlisting in the Army Reserves, told I was to wait 6 months before re-enlisting and had to pass the 2-2-2 PT test before signing my contract. In a week, it'll be a full year since I was chaptered out of the Army, and I was reading up on the National Guard based on information a fellow battle told me and was intrigued about the role National Guard plays for our states. I prefer to be stateside and assist in stateside emergencies (as well as federal).

    Now, I have 65.5 semester units, 54 of which are transferrable units (to a California State University) and 8.5 in progress. My GT as well as my other scores were all above 110 (asvab: 66) except mechanics was 99. I spoke to a National Guard recruiter in which he recommended I try for the O9S to become an officer (I was planning on enrolling into Army ROTC when I transferred to a California State University anyways). He said, all I would have to do is pass the 2-2-2 with the National Guard and get a waiver approved.

    Based on the above information, what are my chances of re-enlistment with the California National Guard? Are 27D's in demand (will I get this MOS for sure)? If I opt for the O9S, then will it pretty much defeat the purpose of Army ROTC?

    Thank you.