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Prior service Marine to SC NG

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  • Prior service Marine to SC NG

    I am a Prior Service Marine E-3 who was Honorably Discharged in 2003. Re code of 3P (temporary disability). Only recieving 10% from the VA right now. I want to join the National Guard here in SC. My MOS was 0311/Infantry Rifleman and 8152/Security Forces/FAST Co. I dont want to re-class if I dont have to. Just finished my Path to Honor form and am now on the waiting game. Just three questions:

    1. About 2 years ago I was arrested for a DUI but the DA reviewed the case and reduced it to a Failure to Excersize Due Care. A background check performed by my current job didnt show anything even about it. Regardless I put it down on my Background questionaire. I know a Moral waiver is going to be required. So my question is is SC accepting Moral Waivers in cases like this?

    2. In 2002 while I was active duty I was given a reckless driving citation and when I went to court the Judge gave me 3 days in jail. Well because I was in jail I was AWOL from my company. NJP'd with no loss of rank but restricted to base. Am I gonna need another waiver for this?

    3. What is the waiver process for the NG? I guess to be more specific, who has the final say? I heard that it goes to the Battalion Commander.

    Thanks for your time