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Waiver sent to Washington DC?

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  • Waiver sent to Washington DC?

    (Background) I joined the Army National Guard 12-24-08, did drills until I shipped in early June to Ft. Benning. Week 3 of basic my battle buddy and I were practicing combatives on a Sunday while everyone else was at religious services(and the drill sergeants were satisfied with our bay's state of cleanliness) when my knee locked up. First time I'd ever experienced this and I had no idea what was going on. I was sent to the clinic the next day where they did X-rays and found a small bone spur on the inside of my right knee,my ligament got wrapped over it and locked my knee up. The surgeon told me that because it was existing prior to service, he wouldn't waste his time removing it, and that it was my problem. So I was sent to the EPTS bay of an "Army Exit" company until my discharge papers were drawn up, and they told me that if I wanted to re-join, pay a civilian surgeon to remove the spur, otherwise there's no way to re-enlist.Given an RE3. So I worked 2 full-time jobs over the course of 16 months to pay the surgeon, and I had the surgery almost a year ago.I'm trying to re-join my twin brother's unit and be done with BCT/AIT before his deployment date of just over a year.My knee was cleared by the surgeon, physical therapist, and my physician,and I'm in the process of re-enlisting back into the ANG and my waiver was sent to Washington DC.
    (Question) What does my waiver going to DC mean? How long could it possibly take for approval? Also, what are my chances of it even being approved?

    All I ever wanted to be was a soldier, my grandfather was a soldier, my father was a soldier, even my twin brother is a soldier. Someone please, give it to me straight and with as much detail as possible. Thank you.

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    Re: Waiver sent to Washington DC?

    Some waivers can be granted at the state level; some need to be approved by the NGB (National Guard Bureau) at Washington D.C. Those waivers do take longer that a state waiver approval and it is dependant on the situation. I had a person told me sometimes it can take up to a couple of months. Perhaps earlier in your case. Remember that place receives waivers from all over the country.


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      Re: Waiver sent to Washington DC?

      Thanks for the intel, still waiting but motivated to the fullest. Will post NGB's response, keep your fingers crossed for me.


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        Re: Waiver sent to Washington DC?

        Sorry to hear about your misfortunes. I'm somewhat in the same boat. I got PRK (Lasik without the flap) a year ago and when I went to MEPS they were concerned with how my eyes were prior to getting the surgery. So I too am looking for a waiver and it's being sent to D.C.

        Does anybody know if your recruiter can help expedite the process? My recruiter is trying to push me through to get sworn in by the end of the month since that's when his mission year ends, but I'm curious to know if he has any pull in if I get the waiver or not + getting it fast.

        HighSpeedHopeful, hope you get your waiver and soon