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Just moved to Colorado

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  • Just moved to Colorado


    Due to certain circumstances, I just arrived in Colorado from New Jersey (I have no love for that place). I am looking for a possible IST. The reason I say "possible" is because.......

    Due to the horrible job market in New Jersey, I was unable to find any kind of work that would allow me to make a decent living. So, I decided to utilize my background in education and go BACK to Asia and teach English as a Second Langauge (China). I spoke with my unit about it and they supported me. However, three days before I was supposed to fly out, the school backed out on the offer. So, after selling my car/belongins, wasting money on a visa and trasnfering to the ING, I have been left with pretty much nothing. Luckily, my sister is here in Colorado (Arvada) and has allowed me to stay until I figure something out.

    I'll break it down.........if I can reclass into another MOS (currently a 91D....USELESS) and get back to an AIT and save some money, allowing me to have a fresh start, I'll do an IST (granted, I did recently transfer to the ING but I'm hoping that can be changed). If I can't, then I'm going to drive on pursuing a job in Asia (hey, I find it ironic that I can make a better living in a communist country than here).

    I am an E-4 with a bachelors degree. I've been in the Guard since Novemeber 2010 and I'm in good standing (as far as I know). I am very interested in deployment, as well (hint, hint). If I can find something new here, I'll stick with it. If not, I'm gone to Asia.

    Does anyone have any info?

    Thank you.

    SPC Card

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    Re: Just moved to Colorado

    Wow, I hope things turn around for you. Have you considered becoming a 919A warrant officer? By the time you make E-5 it would be worth investigating, and it'd be a nice pay raise. Best of luck with whatever you do.


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      Re: Just moved to Colorado

      Power generation and having a tuff time finding work? Have you tried finding work in a electrical or skilled labor union, major electric company, or in facility maintenance (at a plant, hospital, or college)? Is there no military installations near your sisters house? Don't forget about NAF jobs either they will get your foot in the door to network and help in getting a good WG/GS job. Just a few suggestions....Air Force bases have PRIME BEEF along with Red Horse units.


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        Re: Just moved to Colorado

        The company I work for does Hospital Security...we're currently hiring for a lot of positions around the Denver area. I'll PM you the information. They're Guard-friendly as far as hiring goes - I did whine about them cutting my hours in another thread, but from the sound of it, any job right now will help your situation.

        There are various deployments coming up for different units in the COARNG.


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          Re: Just moved to Colorado

          If you need to link up with someone here in Colorado to discuss the options on your ING status, and the fact that you will have to return to the ARNG at one point to fulfill your contract for time lost to ING, and also the fact that in an ING status you are also allowed to attend training that involves your MOS and NCOES as well - then feel free to PM me.

          I am also able to help you get in front of a few people here in the Rocky Mountain Empire to help you see what options are available to you as far as MOS and Unit. BTW I am in Lakewood, just south of Arvada.

          There are a number of options available, most depending on your physical fitness level, your level of adventure seeking, and as well something that can utilize your knowledge (language skills maybe) of Asia.


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            Re: Just moved to Colorado

            Language skills, yes. I would like to go down that MOS path. I can read and write Korean but my speaking skills are minimum (since I don't teach there anymore).
            I was able to get in touch with the IST NCO and she gave me a list of MOS's that are available.

            92 F,W,E

            slim pickins. I would not mind getting in the dirt and going for a 13 series MOS. But, I told I told 35p would be my first choice...should I qualify for a TS clearance. I've never been trouble, no defaults or anything. I was startin to get back on track a bit with credi but the last two months, it went down hill. I don't know what my chances would be.

            Though 88m is not too bad. I drove a few trucks back at my old unit which was a BSB. Kinda fun, actually. But, I'd prefer NOT to get attached to another BSB. I want to do something else rather than the same, constant PMCS on the same old broken generators. I'd like to be out in the field know, soldier stuff.

            Yes, I did consider trying to find civilian employment that sort of matches my current MOS. But in all honesty, I'm not really any good at that stuff. I struggled in AIT a bit. Besides, I'd actually like to use my degree for a change.

            Thanks for the replies and advice.


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              Re: Just moved to Colorado

              Using ones degree (if one has a degree) is always a great thing when it is possible, however since the reality is it is not possible in all circumstances - you have to do what you can to meet you requirements to meet your basic subsistance - housing, food, etc.

              Too many times people look solely at the black and white MOS description and take that for face value as to the skills they will gain, and what thier life experience will do as something that is value added. Trust that there is so much more to a variety of MOSs, that if you take a broad look, your degree field may actually have more to play than you might think... Of course, if you do not have a degree in generator mechanics.. then perhaps a hard look at career options is a good step for you to take...

              If you look closely, and do a bit of research, you can find that there is more to most MOS and job positions than just what the "nuts and bolts" descriptions provide.

              One thing that is easily noticeable from your original post is that you are giving the ARNG an ultimatum... well whatever works for you I guess... In todays environement (whether you look at the social or economic, for example) you will find a lot of people who are looking at the military as a viable option as a job (with some actually looking at it as a career option) in order to make ends meet. That said, with the National budget, among other things, causing a flux that is resulting in a decrease in the number of Soldiers [Sailors, Marines, Airmen] to be allowed in the total force structure, our environment has become increasingly competitive. So the Army/ARNG can cast a deaf ear to an ultimatum, there are any number of people being turned away from the ARNG who would jump at the chance to get thier foot in the door with any available slot and training they could get...

              There are a lot of people who are turned away from the military for any number of reasons, and even those who cannot make it physically (to be read as: not in it for anything other than immediate needs) so they do not hold as important all of those things that are important to be a soldier (such as competance and physical readiness, for example). For many, too many days in front of the video game with a 12 pack of soda and chips and burgers has become detrimental in so many ways. The military is not a way out of a bad situation or unemployment, it is a way of life, a commitment, and to many a career - and the Army National Guard is a large part of the total Army with high standards and large responsibilities.

              Now you look and see that you are already a Soldier, albeit in a state of flux due to a temporary job opportunity for which you went into the Inactive National Guard, since that job opportunity dissapeared. Ultimately you need to decide what to do, as the military will not have the ability to move on a dime to get you what you want in the time frame that you want it (such as schools). You need to decide if you should have your home unit bring you out of the ING and allow you to IST to Colorado (or wherever you want to hang your hat) and if reclassing may be in your best interests - and in a way it sounds as if it might be.

              If deploying is what you really want, all you have to do is volunteer for it. There are resources from Army Human Resources Command and Tour of Duty that allow you to request and compete for various positions and deployment opportunities. If your MOS is not doing it for you, then find another unit, get out of the ING, and contract into a reclass position - but be aware - any enlistment incentives that you may have recieved to get into the ARNG and your current MOS could pose a problem if your enlistment and incentives were based upon your enlistment into that MOS. Just be aware of the fine print, and talk to some units as you are able.

              Do what you have to do to get through the short term, do what you can for employment - check out as a start for open positions in the Denver and Colorado areas (since you are in this area now Spc Card) - as well the other job boards and sites - not to mention the large number of ESL organizations and schools located here as well. Then get yourself back in uniform, whether with your old unit or new one - perhaps this move to Colorado will provide a fresh start from a rocky situation that will be more of an opportunity than you can see at the moment. Remember good traits of a soldier are resiliancy, self reliance, fortitude, and determination, just to name a few - mirror these things and make things happen the best you can, and if one route does not work try another - this is the promise of America!

              Not all of this is focused on the original poster - some was written for a broader audience... take it for what you will - then go forth and do great things!
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                Re: Just moved to Colorado

                Some more advice:

                First, realize that you need to come out of the ING in Jersey to do an IST anywhere, so do the leg work first, and MAKE SURE you have a home, or you will just make Jersey mad and may even end up having to go back there for drill if they pull you out of ING and have no home.


                In your situation I would start applying to every single AGR and Technician job that your paper supply would allow. Even if you dont want to do that for ever, those jobs can be quit (resigned) and it also would get you into another state, forcing them to give you a slot.


                Talk to actual units. IST coordinators will be a requirement to work thru, but readiness NCO's might be willing to look the other way and slot someone excess, or align you in a slot that appears to be vacant but isn't. There is a game, get the advantage and play it.


                Look into Army Reserve Units if 1-3 fail.


                Being an E-4 you might be able to get into the active component. Talk to an active duty recruiter.