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CA accepting waivers?

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  • CA accepting waivers?

    I enlisted in the regular Army in 2009 with a moral waiver, due to being under the influence of a controlled substance in 2003. I did really well in basic and graduated top of my company in AIT. I also maxed the ASVAB. My military record is spotless, barring a summarized article 15 for sleeping on fireguard in BCT.

    Six months into serving overseas, I got really depressed. I was treated but the treatment didn't work. I was discharged honorably under a 5-17 jfv a year ago. I went to the VA and they gave me the correct treatment/medication and now I'm better. Every NCO I've had (including my drill sgt) is willing to recommend me. I've kept all of my paperwork, so there isn't any running around to do. If I can get cleared by the VA, is it possible to join the guard in California? If not now, when?

    SPC Lynn

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    Re: CA accepting waivers?


    Not trying to sound negative but you had a couple of strikes against you thus far. First the moral waiver; then article 15, then the administrative discharge. They might look at it being a short time since your discharge to re-enter service but you need to speak to a recruiter to find out.

    Glad that you are better and good luck.