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re code 3, JGA, entry-level performance and conduct, ELS-uncharacterized

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  • re code 3, JGA, entry-level performance and conduct, ELS-uncharacterized


    My question is: is it possible to join the NG with a prior ELS discharge? The Discharge was about 5 years ago, I was only 17 at the time. As the title says, my discharge specifics were a "re code 3, JGA, entry-level performance and conduct, ELS-uncharacterized".

    For those wanting specifics, here's what happened.

    I originally wanted to contract to go to Ranger training, but my recruiter told me that they don't put that chance in your contract, and instead you simply go airborne, then volunteer to go to try out for Rangers. I know now that they were lying and were hiding the fact that I could have contracted with a Ranger option 40, which would have given me a guaranteed shot at being a Ranger. But instead, trusting him, I got an airborne contract with the belief that I'd be able to volunteer when I got there.

    After getting to basic, I was informed that Rangers weren't taking volunteers and that I would be sent straight to my unit and eventually deployed in a few months. I was pretty taken back by this since now I was being told that my shot at rangers was gone and now I had to deploy with a regular infantry unit.

    Now let me say, so I'm not misunderstood, that I have no problem with being deployed or facing danger, but the reason I wanted to be a ranger in the first place was because I wanted better quality training than the regular infantry so that I would be more ready to deal with those dangerous situations.

    From this point my motivation began to seep and over the next few weeks I was barely keeping up and often falling behind in my PT. Additionally, about a week in, I found out my dad had contracted pneumonia and was in real bad shape. My dad lives by himself in another state, and he lives rather poorly, so there wasn't really any way for me to contact him. Added to the fact that the rest of my family wasn't really optimistic with my joining the Army, my motivation was seriously waning. Eventually my drill sgt.s told me that I was going to be recycled since I wasn't making standards. At this point I just wanted out and told them so.

    Naturally they were pretty pissed off and I can't say I blame them. It was really stupid and immature. Eventually, seeing that I was very serious about wanting out, they started up the paperwork for my ELS discharge and a few months later I was out.

    I've always regretted that decision. Thinking back on it I wish I had just stayed in, promised MOS or not. I was just immature and feeling used by my recruiter. I know that I should have been more thorough and gotten EVERYTHING in writing, so the ultimate blame is on me, not them.

    It's been 5 years and I've been working and am nearly finished with my Associate's Degree and want to transfer to a 4-year college.

    Do I stand a chance of getting a waiver to join the guard? I realize an ELS is a "risk" for any recruiter, but I am truly serious about re-enlisting and fixing my mistake and doing things right. I've come a long way since I was 17, and I don't want to go through the rest of my life knowing that I passed on the chance to serve my country and have done something great with my life in the guard.

    Thanks for any info you can offer

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    Re: re code 3, JGA, entry-level performance and conduct, ELS-uncharacterized

    I beleive you would be just fine to come back to the military. You should really contact a recruiter. You probably need to do most of the stuff like what I'm having to do, but it sounds like you received a general discharge. I don't know who told you Rangers arn't taking volunteers lol because they do, just at certain times of the year.

    If you go in on say August, and they dont have any Ranger camps going on untill next may, they would be correct, rangers arn't taking volunteers. One thing to note, getting into the military is alot harder now days then it used to be. I've been fighting for over a year now. Do whatever you gotta do, jump if they say jump, and do rangers when you can.

    Also, your PT scores are looked at in basic, your skills are looked at. If your not the best of your company now, mentaly/physically you wont make it past round 1 of ranger training. Start the process now and be at the level you need to be when you go in. Ranger or not. Good luck!