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Prior service considering OCS option -- repeat BCT?

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  • Prior service considering OCS option -- repeat BCT?

    Good afternoon,

    I am prior service with the National Guard 1993- summer of 2001. Since 2001 I completed college and graduate school. I am now considering reenlistment for OCS. Recently I visited MEPS and qualified with my AFQT and GT.

    Question: Am I required to repeat BCT? I have been out of the ARNG for just shy of 10 years.

    I apologize if this question has come up before.


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    Re: Prior service considering OCS option -- repeat BCT?

    This question is kind of old, and it's likely the OP is long gone and will never see this, but just for the record, the answer is no, you shouldn't have to go through BCT again.

    At least, I was in your position last year and I didn't have to redo BCT. I reenlisted last year, having been out since 1997 (ie: 12.5 years, longer than your separation), went straight into OCS phase 0, then OCS accelerated, and am now an O-1 serving in my unit and looking forward to BOLC in a couple more months. The Army **** comes back to you really quickly, especially in Phase 0, where if it doesn't, you will pay. :-)

    ps: FWIW, my enlistment contract had my MOS as 09S, with backup MOS of 15R (I was a 67V back in the day, but the OH-58s are essentially gone now, so they put me Apache in case I failed OCS). I mention it because during OCS whenever someone would ask for a show of hands who was a 09S, I had to raise my hand with all the young dudes who just graduated BCT the month before or whatever, while I went to BCT back in 1986.