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Aviation Routes: OCS vs. WOCS

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    Re: Aviation Routes: OCS vs. WOCS

    Originally posted by RedLeg View Post
    LOL, that was a CPT's slot before (I knew one of the previous commanders).

    I too would have to question a COL going to CW5 slot. Mainly becuase there are so few CW5 slots and I doubt the mafia would allow one of those slots to remain open.

    Back to OP's question, you're going to have to join the unit. Be a hard worker, keep up on your APFT ect. Then ask about OCS/WOCS. Keep in mind AV isn't one weekend a month/two weeks a year. It's more of a part time job that can consume quite a bit of time.
    I received an email from my former G1 LTC and a CW4 aviator that knew my buddy. They both said it was possible but did not say that he can revert to CW5. I am still trying to locate the original individual that knew that CW5. Possibly, the CW5 was a former Warrant.

    Anyway, I am not going to push the issue. If I was wrong with what I heard; then I will admit that. I truly doubt that scenario will ever come into question on this forum. Again, those voluntary reductions are unique. I choose a voluntary reduction when I crossed from NG to AD but that was nowhere near the rank that I was referring to.

    Anyway, time to enjoy some gambling time in Vegas. Everyone have a good week.


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      Gentlemen, I am currently 31 (as of last week) and I've felt the pull of joing the Army for the last 10+ years. I currently have a degree in Physics, with a Math minor. I'm a fixed wing pilot and an A&P Mechanic with IA. I've worked as a government contractor for the past 10 years. I have 5 kids and a wife who support me GREATLY! I spoke with a recruiter, who recommends that I go straight into OCS. I agree, the money is much better, but let me start with my goals. I would like to fly rotary. A lot? Sure, if required. But, I think, after 10 or 15 years, I'd like to do less flying and more command. So, the question is this...should I go WOCS or OCS? Again, I would love to fly, but at the VERY least, I want to be in aviation somewhere. If possible, I'd like to hear from officers who have made it through OCS or from a current active duty pilot. Also, please be detailed and site experience where possible. All advice taken constructively, so away! Kindest regards, Scott