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Conflicts Between Traditional OCS vs Federal (California)

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  • Conflicts Between Traditional OCS vs Federal (California)

    This question is more related to officers who had been through the process.

    I am a California 09s applicant and will be swearing in next week and go to basic in March 2012. After I passed my ASVAB GT requirement (scored 110+ on everything), I was interviewed by a 2nd LT for final approval as a 09s.

    The LT informed me that I may not get the federal accelerated OCS because I am not a prior service, and I would most likely get the 18 months traditional OCS to slowly learn to be an officer. Though I can understand this reason, I am confident I will do well in accelerated. Now, if I was to get the 18 months training, what are my chances to appeal and transfer to federal OCS? Or, what can I do to transfer to federal OCS WHILE I am attending traditional OCS? The LT said I have to shine in RSPO and Traditional, but is there any other way before I sign my contract next week or after Basic?

    PS. I didnt make a search because I feel the current economy can play a role on this matter, so I want updated information; not from 2007 or 2008.

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    Re: Conflicts Between Traditional OCS vs Federal (California)

    There is no appeal. Traditional is not that bad.


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      Re: Conflicts Between Traditional OCS vs Federal (California)

      Originally posted by RedLeg View Post
      There is no appeal. Traditional is not that bad.
      I seem to remember you as being from CA if I'm not mistaken. In that case, you would have first-hand experience that is invaluable for the original poster. By and large one's Traditional OCS experience is dependant on its chain of command (and thereby, state). I cannot say the same of my home state. It is no secret that, in many cases, we send our incomptent officers to the RTI so they will not get anyone killed in a MTOE unit. Unfortunately this promotes cyclical idiocy.

      To OP:
      Your chances of appealing are slim to none unless you have some very convincing circumstances to warrant dropping Traditional OCS and being sent to Federal. Welcome to the military.