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  • OCS Process

    Hello all, I'm wondering about the process to join into the OCS program. I've never served in the military and currently hold a bachelors degree and will be finishing up my Masters degree this summer. I have been looking into the OCS program but don't quite understand the process. I understand I would most likely do the State and accelerated route but what are the steps I would be taking. I know I would first do the MEPS obviously, but then what? Example, first I would go where and do what? Then I'd head to where? I'm looking for a time frame so I can plan accordingly. Did I mention I am currently 30 and pretty sure I have a small window of opportunity? Thanks for any information.

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    Re: OCS Process

    I followed the same road as you.

    I enlisted at MEPS as an E-4 and shipped off to basic. About 3 weeks after basic, I went to accelerated OCS in Alabama. I did all 3 phases there, begining in January.

    Basic was something like 11 weeks, OCS was 8 weeks.

    At some point after you graduate OCS, you will attend a Federal Recognition (FedRec) board. That is essentially an interview after which you will be eligible to accept your commission. I accepted mine the same day.

    If your experience is like mine, you will already have been accepted into a unit. Typically, it is a position that is in line with the branch you have chosen.

    You'll beging drilling as a Platoon Leader, most likely. If you listen to your Platoon Sergeant, you can learn a whole lot as a brand new PL.

    After that, you'll go off to your Basic Officer Leadership Course (BOLC). How long you drill before you go to BOLC depends on how soon you can get a reservation in a course. BOLC duration depends entirely on your branch.

    From then on, you're expected to perform as a branch officer.


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      Re: OCS Process

      Thanks, that was a lot of useful information. This may seem like a silly question, but what branch will I most likely be serving and how much input do I have in that decision. Is this a guarantee as well? I'm just wondering about what i'll be doing after the graduation and commissioning.


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        Re: OCS Process

        States vary a bit in how branches are selected. Typically you will choose your top 3-5 and they will place you based on certain criteria. One of which may be merit based on how well you perform.


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          Re: OCS Process

          First thing you should do is contact a recruiter, then ask him/her to put you in contact with your state's Officer Strength Manager (OSM).