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Amazing treatment from moderators or system glitch ?

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  • Amazing treatment from moderators or system glitch ?

    This was my post this morning and within 2 hours its deleted from forum. Just curious if it was offensive language or nobody knew the answers??

    Here is my short background; I am 34 years old, married and have dependents, I am US citizen, I have Associate degree, speak 5 languages, 3 of them are my native and then off course English and German, Recruiter tells me I can join Georgia National Guard as an officer but I have to complete my Bachelor Degree in next 5 years. Here are few of the questions I have which I know being a Sales person myself, I am not getting full truth from beloved recruiter

    1. Can I join as an officer if I have associate degree?
    2. What is the ASVEB score requirement for me to qualify?
    3. After basic if for some reason they drop me from OCS list, am I obligated to serve?
    4. Is is better to go for computer ASVEB or paper?

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    Re: Amazing treatment from moderators or system glitch ?

    There is a problem with the forums.

    Assuming that the Moderators deleted your post because you "had offensive language" (you know you didn't) or because no one knew the answers (you kidding me?) just makes us mad.

    We also dislike sarcasm when it comes to business.