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First drill after direct commission completed!

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  • First drill after direct commission completed!

    Wow what a weekend. Just completed my first drill as a newly minted 1lt. Basically the Army will have you raise your right hand and then hand you over to your guard unit. Now, I was proactive and contacted my unit for specifics on the when, where and how to show up for my first drill. I went to Knox to pick up some uniforms, again with no help, and off to the first drill I went. I did spend some time browsing youtube and the internet in general to figure out things like blousing my boots and how to wear and assemble my ACU's.
    My first drill happened to also be my units annual weapons qualification. Great, never held a M16 in my life. Although, I have been a marksman my whole life. I was teamed with another 1lt. nurse who was great in squaring me up and basically holding my hand for the three day drill.
    I loved it. I plan on attending BOLC in Feb 2012 and am currently completing my online phase 1 distance learning.
    I recommend that any non-prior service direct commission officers do a couple of things before going to their first drill.
    First, contact your unit and introduce yourself. Get in contact with the senior NCO and let them know you are not prior service and basically are as green as they come.
    Second, contact the unit supply NCO and let them know that you will need you initial draw of supplies, also know as the TA50.
    Third, have your recruiter help you configure a list of things that you need to buy and things that you will be issues so as to not get them twice. I did that with some uniform items.
    All in all it was a great experience. Having had 4 years of JROTC in high school did help with the drill and ceremony and with the rank structure and common courtesies.