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Almost ready to go OCS

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  • Almost ready to go OCS

    I'm thinking of going the Accelerated route. However I have a few questions before I sign the contract.

    1. Winter or Summer session?
    2. If winter, then I would leave in January. I haven't been to a Phase 0 yet and I'm concerned that if I go to Phase 0 in November then I will only have had 2 Phase 0's. Will that be enough?
    3. I've heard a lot about Land Nav causing people to fail. What am I missing? I realize that Land Nav in basic is probably the first step, but why do soo many fail?

    Guess that's enough for now. Thanks for you thoughts.

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    Re: Almost ready to go OCS

    Doesn't it depend on what board you go to and when your packet is ready?

    I think the board decides what route you will go or depending on your state they will let you decide. (Not sure on this one)

    I would ask these questions on


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      Re: Almost ready to go OCS

      Thanks @Mike.


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        Re: Almost ready to go OCS

        Land Nav is not terribly hard, especially if you get a Winter slot in Alabama (when the course is more 'tame').
        The written test is kind of a bugger for sure, so just pay close attention while in class. When they put you on
        the course they use a crawl -> walk -> run method. Basically a big group works together. Then you will go with
        a buddy. The last practice will be all alone. If I can make it, anyone can!

        Also there is a night element that we did a buddy team practice, then we did our solo practice and then a test.
        It is harder but you need something ridiculously low to pass. Like two points or something; one of which will
        be your end point.

        My two bits of advice, focus really hard in the classroom environment for the test, this is kind of hard on 4 hours
        of sleep, but just **** it up. The other is don't get all nervous on the course. PLOT YOUR POINTS TWICE. Do
        not worry about everyone else. There will be some high speed Rangers finishing the course in like ~45 minutes,
        don't let that discourage you. People will spend 5 seconds plotting points when in reality they should take about
        15 minutes. When everyone starts leaving the drop point just stay focused and stick to your game. You'll do fine!

        2LT scj