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    I am wondering about the ROTC and SMP program. I am currently active duty and looking to go to ROTC. I want to do the SMP while going to ROTC so I can get the knowledge of how the reserve/national guard works. I will be going to drill as my current mos which is 91B (wheeled vehicle mechanic) Once I graduate and get commissioned, can I change my mos to 65B (physical therapist)? I ask this because my major in school would be athletic trainer and the only thing kind of close to that is physical therapist. However, I read that you only get on a certain branch so how would that work if I only am doing rotc to get that mos? I also want to stay in the guard or reserve component, I can do that correct? And what are the benfits/pay amounts that I will be recieving if I go this route? And the post 9/11 GI BIll will cover bah right? Also where you get stationed is it needs of the Army or do you get to choose? Thanks.
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    Re: Rotc smp

    1. Officer branches and enlisted MOS have significant conceptual differences. Officers are generalists, meaning that any bachelor's degree qualifies you for any basic branch (although some degrees do a better job than others for some branches). Therefore, your gym teacher degree will allow you to serve as a Signal officer, or Infantry, or Quartermaster, or any other basic branch.
    2. Physical Therapist is part of the medical field, which is a whole different kettle of fish. That will require additional certifications and qualifications, and ROTC won't bring you much closer to that goal.
    3. The 65B career field is extraordinarily small, and you may find few if any positions available.
    4. You really should have this conversation with your State's National Guard Officer Recruiter (OSM), and your ROTC commander.