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ROTC Contracting Question

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  • ROTC Contracting Question

    When it comes time to contract before your junior year, is there anyway to guarantee that I will receive guard service?

    I'v been trying to research to figure this out, but I keep finding many answers that are confusing. I am a non-scholarship cadet looking to commission in the NG. Any help would be great!

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    Re: ROTC Contracting Question

    1. Talk to your State's Officer Strength Manager. Get an assignment letter (some call it a BNR or "by-name request"); it's a document that reserves for you a pinpoint assignment.
    2. Take that letter to your ROTC cadre, and sign a GRFD contract (Guaranteed Reserve Forces Duty).


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      Re: ROTC Contracting Question

      Slight correction, Sir: There isn't a GRFD contract unless the Cadet receives the GRFD Scholarship. However, it is possible to guarantee ARNG service upon commissioning.
      Beep225: If you're staying with the unit you currently drill with, talk to your Commander and get a Paragraph and Line Number, and a LoA (Letter of Acceptance). Take that to your Cadre and just tell them you're staying Guard. This is how I did it. I presume the OSM is your contact if you don't currently drill with a unit. Either way, you'll be asked during your MS3 year what your preference is. It won't be on the contract, but they won't force you into AD if you don't want it. There are plenty of other Cadets competing for that AD slot that'd be happy to take it.
      If you're eligible (under 28), talk to your ROTC National Guard Liaison about a GRFD Scholarship, though. It's really a good deal if you're planning on going ARNG anyways.


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        Re: ROTC Contracting Question

        Originally posted by Lance13D View Post
        Slight correction, Sir: There isn't a GRFD contract unless the Cadet receives the GRFD Scholarship.
        Do you know when that changed? For decades we gave out GRFD contracts without scholarships.


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          Re: ROTC Contracting Question

          I'm not sure, but I assume it was in the last 5 years or so. My CO signed a GRFD with no scholarship, and he commissioned about 6 years ago. When I signed, I was confused because he had prepped me based on his experience. Now the contract is just an obligation to service, and there is another set of papers Cadets sign about half-way through the MS3 year that requests NG, AR, or AD service. They honor the requests, but the only way to get it in a "contract" is to get the scholarship. I'm ranked top 10%, and they're still letting me go NG, so I'm sure that the "request" is as solid as a contract would be. (Edit: That is, unless the Cadet requests AD and doesn't make the cut; NG requests are pretty much golden if the Cadet gets a Paragraph and Line Number with a Letter of Acceptance and can present it when requesting NG.)
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