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Color Blind Exception Process

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  • Color Blind Exception Process


    I am posting to relay my experience regarding obtaining the elusive "Color Blind Exception" in order to process as a 09S.

    First off, let me begin by saying that I began by attempting to go Active Army OCS initially. However, when I failed both the PIP (color dot test) and the FALANT (Farnsworth Lantern Test) at my first trip at MEPS I was told I would be unable to go in as an OCS candidate. I went to an optometrist and had a doctor evaluate my eyesight. He deemed that I could distinguish between green and red, and even more so in his educated opinion that I had normal color vision. He gave me copies of the results and I went on my way.
    When my active Army recruiter tried to run them up the chain for an exception we were denied. I then contacted MEPS command directly and they said I should be able to retest at MEPS with that information. However, according to my recruiter my journey was over.

    So I decided to see if the Army National Guard would be slightly different. My recruiter for the ANG instructed me to get a written letter from the doctor as well as the corresponding test result papers. He then sent them up the chain just like he would a normal waiver. Since this was an exception it had to reach higher officials. Eventually I was approved to process as an 09S. When I went back to MEPS I saw that in my file it said that I was eligible to retest my eyesight, which wasn't something the active Army recruiter said I was able to do. Regardless, they retested me on the FALANT and I passed with 0 errors. The difference was that they turned the room lights on this time.

    Two things to point out, the doctors note itself I believe was the key along with the corresponding test result pages. The result pages by themselves I don't believe will do. I also believe that it was potential recruiter laziness that I didn't end up being taken to MEPS to retest my eyesight when I was still trying to go active Army. I am happy with the ANG and am excited about my career.

    Other intangibles you may wish to note:

    State: OREGON
    Education: Masters Degree (18N)
    ASVAB AFQT: 89
    GT: 124

    Tests run at optometrist: Farnsworth D-15 Test, & FALANT (Farnsworth Lantern Test) Both passed.

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    Re: Color Blind Exception Process

    Reach out to Matt Ritchie he loves granting waivers