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A question about 09s and the time period for finding open units?

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  • A question about 09s and the time period for finding open units?

    My situation: I've been trying to get into the military in one form or another since I've graduated from college, which was about a year ago. I started out with the army reserves, and got the green light for everything from a MEPS near my University. Unfortunately, I only received 1 out of 3 recommendations during my OCS board. They said I lacked leadership experience. Regardless, I switched over to the National Guard after the board and transferred my paper work to MEPS near my home.

    I thought it would be a fairly quick turn over. However, my recruiter seems less motivated to help me than my army reserve recruiter. For example, while my paper work was being transferred to the new MEPS station I called my recruiter once a week but he rarely answered. As a result, I took it upon myself to call the actual MEPS sites and see what was going on with the transfer process. It turns out the transfer had been completed for three days, but I never received a call from my recruiter. The next time I talked to him I told him that I hadn't heard from him in a few weeks so I called MEPS myself. He said he would get started on the next step, which is to find open units in my state and send a request letter to the CO.

    It has been about a week since he said he would start looking for open units. However he still doesn't pick up or return my calls. I fully understand that recruiters are busy people but it's not difficult to pick up the phone and tell me where I stand in this process.

    So my question is, what's the average time to request a list of open units and what's the average response time for those units? Do I need to find more ways to motivate my recruiter?

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    Re: A question about 09s and the time period for finding open units?

    Your State may be full, and you may need to wait until 1 October until things open up. Your recruiter should tell you that, however. If you lack confidence in him, get in touch with his NCOIC for additional guidance.


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      Re: A question about 09s and the time period for finding open units?

      I apologize I should have posted my state. I was trying to maintain a little bit of anonymity, but for the sake of my question I am working with a Virginia National Guard recruiter. He had previously stated that Virginia is on a recruiting freeze but is currently allowing exceptions for contracts that are 'absolutely' qualified. He said in my case I am absolutely qualified. However, he did not mention anything about October openings