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    Im 25 and looking to join the Guard. I have a degree and a wife (who is not happy about me joining). I want to serve, need to serve, and cant stop thinking about joining. I know after BCT i would go to OCS (i would do the long one). My question is: are there Intelligence Officer positions open in texas (houston specifically), and what is the training for that after OCS and is there extended training for infantry officer. Also, i know that i might not get intelligence, what are the officer needs right now(for texas)?

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    Re: Officer Options

    You need to contact your state's OSM. You should consider artillery officer also, since artillery is the King of battle. The first step is filling out the application on here, and being contacted by a recruiter.


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      Re: Officer Options

      I'm in the last stages of of the traditional OCS program in Texas right now. We got our branches at June drill, and there were 0 MI assignments. We had a few (3 or 4) list MI as their first choice, but there just aren't many MI 2LT spots in Texas. There were 5 Infantry. My first choice was infantry, but I got FA. Close to half of the class ended up FA, so I'm guessing its a critical branch in Texas at the moment. It was my 3rd choice, so I'm happy with it (2nd was Armor, which wasn't very realistic, since there are like 5 AR 2LT spots in Texas or something low like that).

      I'm not sure how long MIBOLC is. I've heard its one of the longer BOLCs, though. IBOLC is 16 weeks at Fort Benning. FABOLC is 18.5 weeks at Fort Sill. Like the Chaplain said, the OSM will have the exact needs right now. But also be aware that the needs will probably be considerably different by the time you commission, since OCS is an 18-month program (Texas only sent one person to summer accelerated this year, no money) and alot of those slots that are open now won't be when your class finishes.

      If you have any questions about the OCS program in Texas, let me know, I'll be happy to answer.


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        Re: Officer Options

        Is BOLC training done on the weekend as well or is it constant? I really wont care what branch I get. Just so I know> its bootcamp, then time with unit until OCS in March, 14 months 1 weekend (2 weeks at start, 2 weeks at end) then BOLC for 14 weeks (depending on branch)?

        and how do i contact the OSM?