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Air Force Officer considering ARNG

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  • Air Force Officer considering ARNG

    Hello All,

    I am currently considering an inter-service transfer from the active duty AF into the ARNG after I finish the two-year ADSC I just incurred with my impending PCS.

    What should I do first and when? I imagine I'd have to talk to a state's OSM. At this point, no state is off the market as I'm most interested in trying to find an AGR slot so that I won't lose the 13 years (15 yrs by the time I'd be looking to execute) of active service that I already have. I'll gladly reclassify into whatever is available.

    I'm a Major now, could I volunteer to take a lower rank based off of availability?

    I've also been passed over once for LtCol as an active duty person (absolutely nothing to do w/ performance, PME/Master's Degree, etc...just bad timing with a unit closure and transfer into a new Chain-of-Command/Rater only a few months before the board), would that mean that I couldn't meet the ARNG LtCol's board down the road?

    I'm current/complete with my PME for the Air Force, would that mean I'd have to do the Army's versions of CCC and CGSC?

    Thank you in advance for your inputs.

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    Re: Air Force Officer considering ARNG

    You're wanting to come from the Air Force into the Army National Guard as a senior major once non-selected, and immediately get an AGR job with no break in active service. While there are no laws or regulations that prohibit what you have described, in actual practice you have three huge obstacles to success. Getting into the ARNG as a senior major will he hard enough. AGR for any senior major is unlikely, particularly one with no Army background, particularly one with no performance history in his State, particularly one with a non-selection on his record.

    By regulation, we must appoint you as an officer in the ARNG at the highest officer rank for which you qualify. There is no way to reduce you in officer rank. You may, however, resign your commission and enlist as an E5. You have a far greater likelihood of (1) getting in the ARNG at all, and (2) getting an AGR job at some point in the future.


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      Re: Air Force Officer considering ARNG


      First of all, a huge thank you for your response. I do understand that the process of appointment for an active duty Officer from another service could be daunting. I would hope that someone would take into consideration that the Air Force is undergoing a RIF right now and is taking some pretty extreme measures to get it's numbers down to include passing over some quality personnel. I do have what is about as close to a "grunt" background as the Air Force gets and will be joint qualified soon. Are performance reports taken into account when making hiring decisions? Is the "whole person" concept applied? I'd enlist if that's what it took, would I then be able to apply for an Officer position if one came open down the road?

      Thank you again Sir!