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  • Realistic Route to Pilot


    First off, thanks for all of the wonderful information and resources that are available here. It's been a great help simplifying processes so I can understand them and answering questions most would consider trivial.

    A bit about myself:
    • Age: 27 1/2
    • Education: Four-year BS degree in Aerospace Applied Science, minor in Computer Science
    • Flight Experience: Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) with Multi-engine and Instrument ratings, 244.7 flight hours. I hold an Advanced Ground Instructors (AGI) license as well.
    • Tests: I scored a 93 AFQT on the ASVAB with a 130GT. I hope to be taking the AFAST in the very near future.

    I would describe my personality as someone who pays attention to details and I go for things full-throttle. I become an expert in whatever I pursue (work, hobbies, etc) and I'm VERY self-driven. I'm a perfectionist. I dislike bureaucracy and I prefer to do work that I'm responsible for myself because I know it'll be done right.

    My dream since age 15 (no joke) has been solely to be a military aviator and is the reason I pursued aviation to begin with. I'm very driven and very focused, admittedly short of obsession, and willing to put in whatever effort is required to be a military aviator, if it is indeed a possibility.

    I initially found out the Army aviation program through filling out some online interest forms. I learned that there are two ways to obtain pilot, OCS and WOFT, and talked to the respective officers over those areas. I'm in the middle TN area and have been working with a recruiter in Murfreesboro to get everything in order needed for enlistment (just took the ASVAB last night).

    I'm sure you guys already know the initial options I have: enlist and then drop a packet for WO after meeting requirements or enlist with 09S on my packet, going OCS route.

    Everyone I've spoken to has advised me to go the OCS route (which, incidentally, has a $50k loan repayment bonus at the time) - I don't necessarily think that OCS is a good fit for me, however, I'm not completely opposed to it. The WO program seems to be the best bet, but there's no guarantee that I would get a slot (or that one would even be available), all the while passing up the $50k loan repayment program that would substantially help with my flight school costs from college. That being said, it's starting to look more and more like OCS would be the best route.

    The OCS agreement is 8x0, that is 8 years active guard, zero reserve. This would put me at age 35-36 when my contract is up, putting me over the limit to apply as a military pilot anywhere else, if I didn't make pilot as an officer.

    Now, please note this: I'm willing to make any sacrifices to fly. Period.

    What advice can you give me at this point in time?
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    Re: Realistic Route to Pilot


    Given your age your best bet would be OCS. You will not be guaranteed a slot. However, if you score near the top of your OCS class you are more likely to get an aviation slot. This is not the best time to be looking for a slot. Aviation is pretty full right now. You should get in contact with the OSM for the state that you want to be in. They can give you a picture of how many slots are available in the state. If being a O grade officer is not your cup of tea you can revert to warrant later. I hope I gave you some kinda answer. Give us a call at 1-866-529-1354. We can give you the contact information for the Officer strength managers that you would like to be in touch with.

    Mr Mitchell

    Warrant Officer