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Question regarding ROTC graduation and MOS

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  • Question regarding ROTC graduation and MOS

    Hi all,

    I'm hoping to join ROTC when I go back to school in the fall. But I was wondering what happens if upon graduation, none of the MOS' that I'm interested in are available (I would be going into NG). Would I have to choose from what's available?

    And my other question is: would the jobs on the website that are officer positions be available for anyone who's successfully graduating ROTC or do you have to go through additional training to become an officer for those positions?

    Thanks in advance for your answers!!

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    Re: Question regarding ROTC graduation and MOS

    From what i have been told if you graduate and choose NG instead of AD, then you dnt have MOS but you will be over a branch like Signal,Infantry,etc. You will jus drill with them and get drill pay.But you will be over sum soldiers also. I think you get an option list that you can make up but you may only get your 2nd pick or 3rd.

    to go army would be to go AD and you would have to compete with everyone grduating in the US for a 2nd Lieutenant spot. but you still have to give your 1st,2nd,3rd,etc picks and the army looks at that and picks one.It goes by a point scale with your GPA being the biggest factor.


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      Re: Question regarding ROTC graduation and MOS

      Thanks for the response