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Qualified Aplicant looking to pursue OCS -need some help

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  • Qualified Aplicant looking to pursue OCS -need some help

    I’m currently interested in applying for OCS with the Texas Army National Guard. I have taken the ASVAB, scored an 83, and medically qualified. I have excellent credit history and no debts. In addition, I also have a Bachelor degree in Political Science and Philosophy.

    I still have a year and 8 months till my ASVAB score and medical inspection expire. I was formally in the Texas Army National Guard and was scheduled to ship out on November 11 as a 35m. My goal was to work for the FBI or CIA after my obligation and duty to Guard was completed. However after discovering that military work history was only credited to those with active duty field experience (excluding initial active duty training) I wanted to go active before BCT and requested to be released from the guard. I tried to get with my J-3 and other out of state units that were deploying, but could not find any vacant slots. In addition I could not request a conditional release because the active duty army was not accepting E-4s from the reserve components and administrative reductions were not going to be viewed favorably. I received an uncharacterized discharge on October 5th with an RE-3 TK.

    I then spoke to an active duty army recruiter and signed a contingent agreement for a shot as a 35W candidate. I failed the DLAB and was then only offered a slot as an infantryman or Calvary scout. The reason for the limited selection was due to my military service identifier as a glossary non-prior service member and HRC business rule that was sent out on Jan 5th. Since the army was exceeding their recruiting goals and anticipating making mission by March, GNPS were now being treated as PS.

    Infantry and Calvary are both great MOSes but choosing to be one of the two would defeat the whole purpose of me leaving the National Guard in the first place, which was to gain active duty Intel experience. I only wish to correct my mistake and fulfill my obligation to the guard and if MOSes such as Infantry and Calvary are the only ones I’m offered, I would be more than glad to do so as an officer, knowing that Texas currently has a shortage. I was told by the Active duty recruiter that I could try again October by then all business rules for the fiscal year would be removed and I would be processed as NPS. Other services have also offered their assistance since I don't have a qualifying DD-214 and never shipped to basic. I was thinking that perhaps an exception could be possibly sent up or made since I’m academically and medically qualified.
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