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BOLC B schedule and a Master's Degree

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  • BOLC B schedule and a Master's Degree

    I have just recently enlisted 09S in Oregon. I was hoping to attend school next year for a Masters of Engineering. I will only need two quarter terms to accomplish this.

    I will complete BCT this summer. I ship at the end of June to Ft. Jackson. I was told to plan on being gone for thirteen weeks for the ten week training.

    In Oregon, we begin public Universities in late September (third week). I plan on being able to attend the school in the Fall.

    BOLC A (Accelerated OCS) is a Winter event which keeps me from attending Winter Term, 2012.

    I would like to complete my masters program in the Spring of 2012 and attend BOLC B (EBOLC) in the summer.

    I heard two thing; one guy claimed to have nine months between BOLC A and B and another said he had no choice but to go one week after A.

    Will my winter OCS give me a chance to attend school to finish my masters in the spring of 2012?
    (In other words:
    Is there an EBOLC which begins after winter OCS?
    Do all EBOLCs begin in the summer?)

    *I understand I will need to meet the need of my state's Engineering needs to earn a spot.

    *Oregon University System operates on a quarter system; 11 weeks of Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.

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    Re: BOLC B schedule and a Master's Degree

    Nobody knows. It depends on availability of class seats. Also, don't call it BOLC A. Just say OCS.


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      Re: BOLC B schedule and a Master's Degree

      I am EBOLC right now, started in Nov. So no not all classes start in the summer, usually a class starts up about every month or month and a half. But don't think you'll be able to pick exactly when you get to start. It took me almost a year to get into a class.


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        Re: BOLC B schedule and a Master's Degree

        I will only assume I have my spot at BCT.