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National Defense Act start.

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  • National Defense Act start.

    Wow...I really never thought I would be pondering over this but.......I am fairly educated, analytical and not blind.

    I have yet to hear anyone discussing this, which I find...a bit ironic. We signed up to PROTECT the consitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.....NOT to follow orders from those who wish to violate it (slowly, over time). I am having a hard time believing that I would be able to stand by and participate, if/when it comes down to the moment of truth. This has a totalitarian/fascist aura, that makes me very nervous.

    Yes.....I know.......I, you..WE signed a contract. However, is there a point in time when the military should say "enough is enough"? Shouldn't our first duty be to the constituion and to the people (US citizens, at least)?

    The only way the US can be defeated, is to crumble from within.....and I see it happening. Many people see it happening, while many stand by and watch.

    Sure, I could be wrong...and I accept that. But.....those who do not learn from history are bound to repeat it....especially with matters concerning government, politics and war.

    I have a very uneasy feeling about the futre of our country and I WANT to protect it. But, how can that be when politicians are passing laws that violate the consititution of our own citizens (while bankrupting the nation, allowing an unreasonable influx of illegal immigration, borrowing money from China, cutting benefits fundin for military personel yet provding welfare "entitlements" for illegal immigrants.....list goes on).

    I am at a moral crossroads with this one.

    Any advice?

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    Re: National Defense Act start.

    This is not the appropriate forum for this sort of discussion. You've raised important topics, and I personally have a great deal to say about all those topics -- but not here.