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    Our state (not sure if its just WI) currently offers a 10K re enlistment bonus. Thats only nine plus months from ETS, after that the amount goes down. Its a 50/25/25 payment schedule currently. 12JAN12 i'm nine months out. I CANT DECIDE! lol Anyways been talking to our State Retention NCO for our Brigade, well actually she isnt for our brigade but since we are brigade, she covers us since we dont fall under anywhere else. I want a full time Guard job. I'm not saying this like a kid wanting something while not doing anything for it. I've groomed myself all five years for it. Wont elaborate but many know what I mean. lol /When they need someone to do extra work outside of drill, I do it so I get the learning experience even when its outside of my lane some just to learn, and also fill the need when they cant find anyone else. I missed a big opportunity along the way but moving forward. We are out of money already and its not even the middle of December yet. Its actually hard for once to get FTNG (those shorter term ones even) and if we go to a school before AT this year they cant also pay for AT. We have a Warfighter in May and if you volunteer for that they might not be able to pay for AT. If that gives you an idea money wise. I dont care that much about the bonus being offered right now, other than if I am going to re up, my opinion is I mine as well do it asap to get as much as I can. I asked Retention if I could forgo the bonus and look into Recruiting. I've always had an interest in it, even putting the great benefits aside. I think starting a Recruit out with a good Recruiter and RSP is essential and part of a problem today. Instead of complaining i'd like to just be part of the solution. Retention said its not really possible because its competative, cant just send me to school because you need a slot. I get it. But she then suggested applying FTNG for it, as they have alot of them currently and look once in awhile for more. It involves filling out the AGR packet, then they take'em as they need and ask if you will do FTNG instead and then you just wait in line for the hard slot. Hard slot isnt that big of an issue to me, I feel I can do my job and get more orders once original ones are over and thats really the main difference between AGR and FTNG, the length of the orders. My issue is I want to do this in a hurry, see if they will take me, before deciding to re up, but the re up window is closing fast to get the bonus. And FTNG I could still get the bonus, if I was to get a hard slot, then future payments would just be let go. Any suggestions how to do this professionally in a hurry? I know to talk to my COC and to get a good packet. Any other suggestions on this journey? How about the AGR packet, know any good ideas to make it stand out? It turns into FTNG orders, but its an AGR packet. Know anything that will make it a good 'recruiter' packet rather then just any ol' MOS packet? I'm at Brigade so I know some names, unfortunately the packet goes right to state, not us on this one. Or know how to forgo the bonus for a better chance Recruiting by asking for it in the re enlistment?

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    Re: FTNGD Recruiter

    I say do the extension and take the bonus while you can. Also, go ahead and put your packet in if you want to be a recruiter. As far things to help your packet, I'd say it really comes down to networking. You may not personally know people at state, but if the people in your chain put a good word in for you, that can go a long way.