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  • Question about Reclass

    I posted this up in the SF forums as well, but, even though it does have to do with moving to an SF unit, it is in a support role, hence no selection or anything, so I feel like putting it down here will be much more productive, as it is a more active group..
    "I am currently an 11B in the VA guard, but will be graduating college in may with a degree in strategic intelligence, so i obviously want to get involved in that area in some capacity (guard or civi) ASAP. I have a buddy who is a linguist in the 2-19 sfg out in WV, and he said they are hurting for more intel guys. I would love to take him up on that offer, but how would it work? Is it as simple as just getting an IST and having the new unit send me off to re-class and go to the DLI if applicable, or is it much more complicated in that I am trying to IST as well as reclass, all while joining a SF unit. Any help, POC, or anything of that sort would be greatly appreciated.. I asked my friend to talk to his people out there next time he has drill, but they are preparing for a AT type of training, so I don't want to overstep my bounds and get my possible future bosses mad at me before I am even there. I am currently an E3 and will be getting the auto-promotion in FEB of this year, if that makes any difference. Thanks ahead of time"