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  • Orders help??

    Greetings All

    Well Im back in the Guard and contracted in an Artillery Unit even though im infantry, cause that was the only thing available to me in So Cal except for MP, but MP's didnt want to take an E5 and State told me no to a Nor Cal unit. Anyway O9S was a no go cause I couldnt get any help on getting an Asvab done, so my OCS ambition going to wait til I get 90 credits then drop my package. so 4 more classes. Anyway my main Question is I just found out my unit I was assigned to from OIF recived the Valorus Unit Commendation. Where can I go to get a printout of the Order so the Air Guard can annotate on my final 214 from them along with the 2 awards I recived there. Is AFCOS still around?? I cannot find an anwser from anyone. I called state and the old unit. The Last call I think would be 3rd ID 4th Brigade, but I think they are in the ASTAN. Any help would be great. I was with 1-184th Infantry Regiment 2004-2006 we were attached to 3rd ID, 4th Brigade. Thanks in Advance

    SGT. W

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    Re: Orders help??

    You won't get a DD 214 from the ANG, you get a NGB Form 21. Unit awards should be on a MILPER message. It would help if you knew the year, but do some google fu and you should be able to find it.


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      Re: Orders help??

      I have to admit "drop my package" put a smile on my face on this hurricane morning. A packet is never big enough


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        Re: Orders help??

        You will wear the unit award while assigned to the unit. Once you leave; it comes off unless you earned it with them in Iraq and you will get a memo for that listing the permanent orders. My unit received the MUC for OEF and eligible soldiers received to update their ERB/ORB. You will not update yours.


        I re-read your post and think that you were downrange with that unit. Take those awards memo with your orders that shows you were with that unit downrange and your current BN S-1 can update it for you on your ERB and to your iPerms. Also, that will not show on your last NGB-22 but on your NGB-22 when you discharge from the Guard. If you have your NGB-22 from the AF already, you will have to write the AF board of corrections and submit the info I mentioned and they will amend your discharge and send you a corrected one in the mail. A DD215 is a correction to the DD214 but do not know what the form is for the NGB-22. A DD214 is received on discharge from active service.

        Hope this helps.
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