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  • 25Fox Questions

    Hey all, my recruiter told me that at my first rsp drill (next week) that he will schedule a meeting with people that are in the same mos but I don't want to wait for information so I will ask here as well as there. So any 25F or 25N please respond.

    -25Foxes and 25Novembers: Do you like you job, has your training given you skills to receive a good career outside of the Army?

    -25Foxes and 25Novembers: How much computer involvement is inside these mos's.

    -25Foxes: My recruiter says it is all computers and servers. Websites say it is more like old school telephone operator type stuff. Which is more accurate?

    -25Novembers: What is it that you do compared to the Foxes? What is Nodal Networking?

    -25Foxes: Is it true that this mos is being phased out and most soldiers are being reclassed to 25N?

    Thanks for any answers and if you can also please list your mos and how long you've been in the specified mos will be greatly appreciated. Thank you again.

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    Re: 25Fox Questions

    Just a tip, you don't need to type out the Fox & November, just refer to it as 25F & 25N.


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      Re: 25Fox Questions

      I'm a 25F by trade, but in my unit, I don't really do what I was trained for at AIT.

      The 25F being phased out thing has been floating around for a few years, and they did in fact make a good number of the AD 25F's reclass to 25N. However, due to equipment needs, the 25F is still kicking, and on the AD side is a solid MOS to get promoted fast in. I don't see it going away anytime soon, especially in the guard. I have no idea what your unit has for equipment, but you can count on doing lots of computer work (not 25B computer work). Chances are you'll be working hand-in-hand with the 25N's. Although I understand a lot of in the Guard are now having their 25F's reclass to 25N. It's all dependent on MTOE.

      You'll learn a lot about phone networks. Another 25F I know got a good job with Qwest as a switch guy for them. The MOS will train you more about the WAN's/PSTN's than LANs. However you'll learn the ins and outs of signal flow, and the OSI layers, which will come in handy no matter what you end up doing. You'll do A LOT of call manager stuff. You'll work with older call manager suites at AIT, but if you can get trained on the newer stuff, there is big money to be made contracting in A-stan and such. You will learn a bunch of the old school telephone switchboard operator stuff, some of the equipment dates back to the VN war.

      The 25N job is very similar, but their stuff is made to be setup in a tent and not mobile, while the 25F works in a shelter mounted on the back of a HMMWV.

      I personally learned a lot at AIT, but I'm glad I'm not doing a 25F job. I'm sure there are others than enjoy it. It did however help me in gaining an understanding of WAN's and helped me in my job as a manager for an electrical/telecom construction company.

      Good luck!