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Would this be an issue?

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  • Would this be an issue?

    I was prior service and rated 10% disabled by VA (lumbar strain). I joined the guard under 09S option. Would the 10% disability be an issue for me to go to OCS? Also, how do I stop VA from giving me disability compensation since I just started drilling? I was told I can only get either the VA disability pay or the drill pay. Please advise.

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    Re: Would this be an issue?

    It is my understanding that you can receive 10 percent on top of military pay. That is the cutoff amount.


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      Re: Would this be an issue?

      You can be rated 10% disabled and still do OCS. I am currently both.
      (Noticed I said CAN. Not sure if your condition is a limiter or not, mine wasn't.)

      Also you can get both pays as ParaNCO said, however they will "pro-rate" one of
      your checks (you will elect to prorate the 10% check). This basically means that
      a regular weekend guard type will work the equivalent of something like 50 days
      of active a year. My first disability check of each year is basically zeroed out and
      the Feb check is approx half. Then the rest of the year I get the full 10%.
      They base it off the previous drilling year against the current disability year.


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        Re: Would this be an issue?

        Thanks for the input. My disability is not a limiter. Just had lumbar strain while I was on active duty due to heavy lifting (aircraft mechanic). Can't wait to get FedRec and be shipped out for OCS in Alabama in January. Still need to improve my AFPT though but thats already in work. Thanks again for the info.