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Branch Selection MI vs. Sig

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  • Branch Selection MI vs. Sig

    Hey All,

    I am a SMP Cadet, and an end of camp commissionee, I will be getting my bar next summer sometime. Throughout my ROTC career I have been fairly certain I wanted to be a Signal officer. I am an IT Consultant by trade, and a IS Major in University.

    However, of late, I have been looking into the MI branch, specifically the SIGINT Officer path. My questions for you signal officers are as follows:

    Are there many SIGINT officers in the guard or is it more of an AD/Reserve type deal?

    How long would I be a "general purpose" MI officer before I was allowed to specialize, what rank would I need to be specifically?

    Would there be a lot of competition for slots?

    I would really like to snag that TS clearance before heading to OBC and I know that Signal isn't going to offer that off the bat where as MI is, but at the same time I want to be able to do something Signal related.

    Thanks Much!

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    Re: Branch Selection MI vs. Sig

    You're aiming at very small targets.

    SIGINT is an even smaller subspeciality of the small MI branch (which needs few lieutenants). There may be one captain's slot in a combat brigade, and a few more at a Signal or Surveillance brigade.

    This is a conversation you need to have with your State's OSM, so you can make realistic choices. Remember that you can switch branches as a captain, so even if you don't get MI right away, you can still pursue that later in your career.