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Problem with aplication and several questions.

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  • Problem with aplication and several questions.

    Hello , First of all i have some questions and i hope you can help me

    First a little information about me im a high school senior i have a 3.7 gpa and i scored 85 in the asfvab i want to join the national guard to pay for my college and my masters degree thats what im pursuing i live in texas altough i want to study in stanford or ucla

    Now first of all i went to the emps i did my phsicial and i had trouble with my examination because i had a cosmetic surgery in my right pectoral due to some fatty tissue removed , i just need the pathologic report now i just moved from mexico city year ago all my life i lived in mexico altough i was born in usa now i have a problem im the only one that can retrieve the pathological result and i will travel to mexico for the christmas break

    First question how will that affect my recruitment and my application ?
    Second question i want a bachelors , a master and i want to attend stanford university for my bachelors how can i make this happen ( i live in Texas) and how can the national guard help me

    Third Question
    Can i ask for a full form of jobs so i can decide what to do and what job is best for me ? i was going into aircraft power plant repair but i might try something else that my career its not about

    Fourth Question

    What can i do and what should i say to my counselor after he enlistment to make all my goals come true ?

    First of all thanks and i hope you guys can help me