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Virginia ARNG (and DC/MD)

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  • Virginia ARNG (and DC/MD)


    I've searched this forum but really havent found anything relevant (or current), so I figured I'd post this up. I'm interested in talking to a recruiter in the Nothern Virginia area (I live in Arlington). I've been trying to get in touch with local recruiters (calls, e-mails, etc.) and no one has yet to respond. I spoke previously to a recruiter in MD, but they werent too clear on some of the specifics regarding the VA ARNG.

    I've read on here that Virginia is closed to recruiting - is this true? If so, what are my other options? Could I technically join the DC or MD ARNG, even though I dont live in those states? There's plenty of National Guard armories and facilities in DC and MD which are no further away then any in VA.

    If someone could point me in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it.

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    Re: Virginia ARNG (and DC/MD)

    Virginia was closed most of the year, but opened back up a couple months ago. There are not a lot of options though as far as enlistment choices go.

    Here is the email for a recruiter in NOVA, Give her a shout.


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      Re: Virginia ARNG (and DC/MD)

      Thank you, sir. I'll get in touch with the recruiter you noted.

      Off hand, would you happen to know what MOS' are available? Due to my current career (mostly CONUS nowadays) and training times, I'd really prefer 11B. When I lived in MD and talked with the MD recruiter, my proposed process would have been BCT/AIT, followed by Airborne and then State OCS.

      Also, assuming that VA is closed to 11B, would I still be able to join through MD or DC? Or, are there residency requirements for each state?