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Question About Migraine Waiver

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  • Question About Migraine Waiver

    so i got discharged from the Marines in june because i got hit with a piece of hot brass on the range in the face and it cause me to have a lil headache but i ultimately got discharged for migraines which was bull because i have never had migraine before i went in and after got out i haven't had a single headache at all. so I'm going to the doctors on monday I'm just confused on what kind of notes i have to get from him and also I'm going to see a neurologist to get notes from him saying I'm good to go so idk what kinda of notes i need to get from the both of them can someone please help me out. my RE code 3P. thank you for the advice.

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    Re: Question About Migraine Waiver

    From my experience with medical waivers - get anything you can that shows you have no history of migraines. Get a detailed letter from you doctor that you saw before joining the Marines (if you had one) that he/she can attest to the fact that you never saw him/her for headaches or migraines. Then, get a letter from the neurologist that states that you don't have a history of migraines and that the injury when in the Marines was just that - an injury induced headache, not a migraine. If you have any medical records from the Marines to show the Neurologist that would probably help bcz then he/she can have a basis for saying it was just an temporary headache due to an injury not a migraine. I would write a detailed letter stating you never had a single migraine, then explain the circumstances of the injury with the Marines and then stating you haven't had a migraine since that injury either and have it notarized.
    I hope this help. You need to prove that you never had migraines and don't know and that the Marines made a mistake.
    Good luck!