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Can MEPS or any test center redo your ASVABS test?!?!? HELP!!!

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  • Can MEPS or any test center redo your ASVABS test?!?!? HELP!!!


    Hello whoever this may concern to my name is T.Jackson and i took the ASVABS for the 3rd time early November 2011 and i prepare for the test for 15 months. The last time i took the test was August.2010 and made a score of 28,the second time i study but skipped several answers and was unsure about the material. The first time i took it i made a 19 I didnít study at all for it, and just took it skipped several questions and knew that was the reason for the low score

    November.2011 when i took the test i mastered the skills and knew 90% of the material for the ASVABS. The four main sections AR,MK,VE i mastered the skills to make at least a 50 or above. In early October I took the Practice test at my Recruiter Office and made a 55. That was a happy day for me because I was able to take the real test.

    The next day i took two more practice test from the ''Asvabs for Dummies'' book and tally my scores and in the 4 main sections i got less than 7 answers wrong in each of the main sections. Therefore telling me I would make an amazing score on the real test.

    When I took the real test in November.2011 I was so happy about it and all my focus was on the test. I notice this time i knew several answers that I didnít know the 1st and 2nd time. Four hours later the test was done, i was so happy and knew that i passed it

    Three days later I got my results back and was one of the saddest days of my life, my AFQT score turned out to be a 17, I thought it was a nightmare. I had to sit down and ask my recruiter Restivo to repeat it for me.
    I asked.'' Are you joking, this canít be real'' and I asked ''Could the machines messed up the score, he said it could be but ''doubt that is the case''.

    I asked several times could i get my test recounted or get it graded for a 2nd time. He said he would look into it but never called me back and told me an answer. I study 15 months for this test and know it my heart and soul that a ''17'' cannot be my score. Getting into the Army is my life, i am so dedicated to this and trying everything to get my test that i took in November graded for a 2nd time.

    I researched online to find out if anybody else out in the world took the test and asked for their test to be recounted and several people have gotten their test recounted and the machine that graded the test made a common error. I know in my heart that the machine or the person who graded the test must have put test g12 to to g10. Iím using that as an example that had to be the case. I study 15 months and mastered the material and know in my heart that a ''17'' is a mistake.

    Making a ''17'' must means that i got 4 right in the Math Knowledge, 2 right in the Reading Comprehension, 4 right in the Arithmetic Reasoning so on so on. No more than 5 answers right in those sections. I know that is false, when i took practice test i would get no more than 7 to 9 wrong in each section.

    I need all the help i can get i am dedicated to this
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    Re: Can MEPS or any test center redo your ASVABS test?!?!? HELP!!!

    I feel like I've seen this exact scenario before.

    I absolutely hate the practice ASVAB tests because they are NOT the actual tests, and the only thing you get with it is how to take the practice tests. Also, a good portion of the ASVAB is measured against how well others did on the test, and certain questions are weighted. Therefore, you may have only missed 7 questions, but if they were the weighted questions, those seven would have counted for a larger portion of the score then what you anticipated.

    But, I would suggest bringing that information to your recruiter. Don't call her/him. Go in there and make your case. You'd be amazed how much a little face time gets you.