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For those with limited inhaler use but not asthma, etc.

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  • For those with limited inhaler use but not asthma, etc.

    I came across something that may interest those of you who have a history of inhaler usage but at the same time don't have asthma or similar medical issues, i.e., exercise-induced bronchospasm, reactive airway disease, etc.:
    or direct link:

    Scroll down to DODI 6130.03 and open the .pdf file (or use the direct link) for the Medical Standards for Appointment, Enlistment, or Induction in the Military. A change was made September 13th, 2011 that includes but is not limited to the following in section 11. Lungs, Chest wall, Pleura, and mediastinum (pg. 17):

    (2) Individuals DO MEET the standard if within the past 3 years they meet ALL of the criteria in subparagraphs 11.d.(2)(a)-(d).
    (a) No use of controller or rescue medications (including, but not limited to inhaled corticosteroids, leukotriene receptor antagonists, or short-acting beta agonists).
    (b) No exacerbations requiring acute medical treatment.
    (c) No use of oral steroids.
    (d) A current normal spirometry (within the past 90 days), performed in accordance with American Thoracic Society (ATS) guidelines and as defined by current National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (NHLBI) standards.

    Note: bold and underline are my addition, it is red in the document

    The rest of the criteria in the section appears to be unchanged but for those of you who had an inhaler prescribed for some acute illness but otherwise aren't DQ'd for anything else then it seems like you need to meet a.-c. and also pass a spirometry test. This is information you may find useful but I have no standing, a recruiter remains the authority for confirmation. I hope this helps give hope to those of you who may have had a Rx for an inhaler after the age of 13 but it was for some acute sickness or wasn't even used but remains in your medical file. Best of luck.

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    Re: For those with limited inhaler use but not asthma, etc.

    Technically, you've just posted the exceptions to asthma. Ultimately, the answer is know your medical file, and ask the recruiter about any exceptions that your state is currently accepting.