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  • need help Prior service

    im not going to lie to you guys at all and I'm going to tell you the whole story and how i got screwed by the Marine Corps pretty much. i had like 2 weeks of boot camp left and we were on the rifle range doing are table two qualifying for are m16 and they guy right next to me shooting had shot a rifle before so he had gotten a round stuck in the barrel and not telling the drill instructor and he fired again and pretty much the gun blew up and i got hit in the face with sharp metal and it wasn't bad at all. i told my drill instructor i had a little headache and he freaked out thinking something else was wrong with me because of the gun accident and sent me to the doctor and said that i had Migraines which was kinda ******** I've never had migraines before and now with me being home i still haven't had any so i had gotten discharged for migraines which made me mad cause i was so close to graduating and then this happens. so on my dd214s it says Migraines and my reenlistment code is RE3P. i am going to the doctors to get a full physical exam and a written letter saying I'm fine and then I'm going to see a neurologist and do the same thing so if i can enlist they will have two doctors notes saying I'm good to go. i am fully motivated person i loved the whole military life and whole honor courage commitment i just hope i have a chance to get back in. i was told that i have to wait a mandatory six months before i can enlist so thats why i am trying to contact you know so i can see if i have a chance or not because i am serious about enlisting and doing what i got to do. so please give me some info

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    Re: need help Prior service


    Your reasons are moot for what happened and not necessary to post. What the recruiter just wants to see is your DD214 with your characterization of service and RE-code. Again, prior service and ELS separations are presently difficult to come back in and I wish you the best of luck.

    Just go talk to a recruiter.