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Ohio to California for Deployment???

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  • Ohio to California for Deployment???

    I am currently 17 (turn 18 in November). My father was in the Military for 22 years, and my grandfather was in for a similar amount of time. Not saying I'm pressured or anything to join, but that my family has always been supporting toward my ideas of joining the military ever since i started having them when I was little.

    I've seriously researched A LOT about the military, I've been to all the military sites, read countless pages, talked to many recruiters, and of course I've had my father and a couple friends to give me the low-down and all. So none of this is a rash, hasty decision by a teenager, hah. I've thought about it A LOT. As I have the next thing...

    One of my very very good friends, pretty much like a brother, is in a National Guard unit in Southern California, and I originally planned on joining the same unit when I lived down there, but I moved to Ohio to finish High School and to go to college here, but I realize that I don't wish to pursue a college education yet. So what I'm trying to get at, the real question I have, is that, if I joined the National Guard here in Ohio, if I could somehow get fast-tracked and sent to Basic Training as a 11B M.O.S, A.S.A.P. and transferred to Bakersfield's NG Unit BEFORE they get deployed to Afghanistan in October 2012.

    I haven't talked to any recruiters about it, so I really don't know if it's a strange request. But I do know that there isn't anything I want more right now than to be able to watch my friends' back when they are overseas and do my absolute best to make sure they come back. If I didn't go and something happened, the rest of my life I would be haunted with the question of "What if I did go?". And besides the duty I feel for my brothers in California, I also have, and have always had, a strong sense of duty to my country, it was simply how I was raised, and if I had to choose anyway to leave this world, it would be in the service of my country. I do not seek Death, I seek to serve and to look after the safety of my friends.

    I've graduated already, I have a High School Diploma, I have no criminal record, I have no physical disabilities that I know of, I'm currently working full-time at a Mcdonald's here in Columbus, Ohio. I live with my father and brother, we split the bills three ways. I don't smoke marijuana or anything else. The only thing I can think of is that Winter of 2011, I was prescribed an anti-depressant, but in the middle of May I stopped taking them and I was clean off them for 2 months and my doctor and psychologist said that there was no need for me to take them anymore.

    I know the post was long, but that's all I needed to say I believe, all I can think of at the moment, any advice or answers or anything would be a great help. Thank you

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    Re: Ohio to California for Deployment???

    Might want to do a little research on those deployments... Sure your home state (OH) doesn't have some possibilities for you? Can't mention much here, but think you may have this backwards...