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Recommended Waiver for "self mutilation?"

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  • Recommended Waiver for "self mutilation?"

    Hello, I went to MEPS yesterday and..
    I admitted to having self inflicted cuts on my arm.

    I had explained to the doctors that the initials I had cut into my arms were the initials of two friends that had passed away when I was 11. I was too young to get a tattoo and my parents wouldn't allow it at that age so..I cut it into my arm.
    Before anyone says anything, I give myself a lot of **** for doing it. I have to live with it everyday seeing that on my forearm. I know it was stupid and there were other ways I could've made a 'tribute' to their deaths. I was "young and dumb."

    The three doctors (doc who gave physical, interview doctor, (CMO) came in and told me that they have to disqualify me for these cuts.
    The CMO said the cutting is DQing but he said they will recommend a waiver for it. Also told me to not give up if I really want to join. and I DO really want to.
    Instead of writing "self mutilation" they wrote "auto art"? I think that's what they wrote down. They explained it as a type of art instead of flat out cutting myself.
    The doctor who gave the physical wrote "recommend waiver and/or psych consult" and the "interview" doctor also wrote something along the lines of "recommend waiver". (can't remember the exact word he used instead of recommend but it was a positive.)

    I asked my recruiter if this could be waived and he said "yeah it'll go through" but did not sound too convincing.

    I have no history of depression or suicide attempts.

    My question: I looked up on google and saw that any self inflicting wounds is permanent DQ. And even some forums wrote that it is not waiver-able.
    What are the chances that the ANG will waiver this? Colorado ANG if it makes any difference.
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    Re: Recommended Waiver for "self mutilation?"

    Good luck marijuana and cutting?? all I can say is good luck hope it works for you.


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      Re: Recommended Waiver for "self mutilation?"

      lol sorry, "auto art" made me LOL.


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        Re: Recommended Waiver for "self mutilation?"

        Is 'cutting' a PDQ--no waiver authorized no matter what circumstances?

        I wrote my personal statement and my recruiter turned in the waiver application. Now I'm in the waiting process but I have my hopes high since my recruiter said it would most likely to be waived but I've read things on other forums that cutting is a PDQ. Since I didn't get any answer from anybody, I would like to ask again in a different way.

        The physical doctor and the interview doctor recommended for a waiver for me.

        What are the chances if the MEPS doctors recommend a waiver?
        Is it possible that they didn't know it was a PDQ-no waiver authorized?

        tl;dr I cut two initials of my friends in my arm 11 years ago when I was 11. Didn't do it to cope, only meant to honor/tribute them (stupid, I know) MEPS doctor recommended waiver, wondering what are my chances? Thought 'cutting' was PDQ?